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We help move your furniture!

Some people postpone the idea of getting flooring because of the fear of moving furniture. Have no fear. Express Flooring helps move furniture too! Don’t hesitate getting new flooring. We take care of all your needs including the moving of all of your furniture. Have a piano? No problem! Have a Grandfather Clock? No problem! Need a giant wall unit or heavy bed moved? We do it all! We are the only full service flooring company with the best warranties in the industry.
We Move your furniture for free

Luxury Vinyl Installation Comes with Unique Challenges

Choosing the perfect flooring for your house is a task in itself. With so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to decide the best type of flooring for residential and office purposes. Of all the options, luxury vinyl flooring is considered a feasible option because of its durability, water-resistance, scratch-resistance and availability in a number of colors and textures. This flooring is suitable for high as well as low traffic areas. Continue reading

4 Flooring Options For Home Gym Flooring

Home gym flooring is imperative as it converts the concrete and other flooring into a comfortable and functional exercise areas. There is large variety of gym flooring options and often times its very daunting to pick out the right solution for your home gym. Most reputed Arizona flooring stores will show you free samples so that you can see and feel prior to purchase. Phoenix flooring companies will have no problem in showing samples that you are considering as gym flooring options and also guide you to take the best choice for your home gym.  Continue reading

4 Options for Faux Wood Flooring

Flooring options are becoming a heated subject in today’s times. People find it difficult to choose among variety of flooring options. Some like the natural beauty of wood and some opt for tiles as a more logical choice. As technological advancements took place, the faux wood flooring phoenix came up that combines the usefulness of tiles with sophisticated look of woods as well.  Continue reading

5 Ways to Use Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles

Have you ever gone out in the market to buy flooring for your house? Doesn’t it feel like the toughest thing to do in the world? It’s because there are so many flooring options available in the market that it is easy for everyone to get confused. A person gets so many options right from hardwood flooring, to vinyl flooring, to tile flooring to many more. The best way to sort the flooring is on the basis of its utility in your house.
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Why Choose Composite Vinyl Flooring

In today’s times, every household requires the flooring of their house that is durable, low maintenance, elegant and beautiful. A variety of desirable characteristics make the composite vinyl flooring a versatile flooring material and a popular choice these days. Discount vinyl stores have composite vinyl flooring in variety of patterns and styles that makes it a perfect choice for almost any room of your house.  Continue reading

Get Creative With Porcelain Tile Flooring

Everyone wants the walls and floors of the house should look beautiful and elegant. There are so many options available and also each of the idea can be utilized for the room’s best advantage. Tiles stores in Arizona provide various tile patterns that can change the overall look and appearance of your house. Phoenix tile flooring has come up with many creative wall and floor ideas that can transform your home in a new way with tiles.  Continue reading

Trending Now: White Wood Floors

If you want to add a new and unique look to your house then you should opt for white wooden flooring because it provides all the benefits of wooden floor plus a unique look to your house that is hard to imitate. Instead of being fully white painted these floors are made up of lightest colored woods which imparts a light, airy and friendly aura to your house. Continue reading

Benefits Of Unique Recycled Hardwood Floors

Choosing wooden floors for your house not only makes your house look beautiful and appealing but also is durable enough and lasts for years. Good quality wooden floors are expensive to put in. By using recycled timber that are reclaimed from old logs, buildings, homes and some old abandoned warehouses instead of new ones can also transform your house into a new look in an budgeted way. Continue reading

Basement flooring ideas – 5 best options for 2016

Have you ever been worried about the type of basement flooring options that will make the area look more attractive? With so many options available in the flooring stores in Arizona, a lot of people get confused about the most suitable flooring solution. The chosen flooring should not only be a suitable option for the basement, but should be such that it enhances the beauty of the otherwise dull area.
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