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Some people postpone the idea of getting flooring because of the fear of moving furniture. Have no fear. Express Flooring helps move furniture too! Don’t hesitate getting new flooring. We take care of all your needs including the moving of all of your furniture. Have a piano? No problem! Have a Grandfather Clock? No problem! Need a giant wall unit or heavy bed moved? We do it all! We are the only full service flooring company with the best warranties in the industry.
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Berber Carpet: A New Look to Your Home

The history of Berber carpets started in North Africa, where they were handmade by Berber tribes. One of the great things about Berber carpets is that they come in both traditional and modern styles. They can be distinguished based on knitting patterns and fabric textures.

Berber Carpet

A majority of modern Berber carpets come in a loop structure. This type of carpet flooring usually contains small flecks of dark color on lighter background colors resembling a natural, undyed version of traditional carpets. Berber carpets are a popular choice for homemakers. They are available in a range of colors.

There are many other types of carpet flooring, such as:

1. Cut pile

2. Woven carpets

3. Loop piles

Some different types of cut pile carpet flooring include:

1. Saxony carpets

2. Frieze carpets

3. Twist carpets

4. Velvet carpet

5. Shag pile carpets

Berber carpets have been becoming more popular lately. The fibers in Berber carpet flooring are durable, luxurious and provide cushioning. They also come in different designs for homemakers to choose from. These carpets work well in high traffic areas and all other types of rooms. Some love traditional designs and others like modern Berber carpet designs.

Berber carpets are also stain resistant, making them a good choice for homes with children. The material is soft and smooth. Heavier Berber carpets give off a thicker and plusher feel, while light-weight options can feel a little rougher.

Berber carpets do not fray over time. Berber carpets provide a more traditional look than other types of carpet flooring. Express Flooring has a large selection of modern Berber carpets for you to choose from. If you give us a call today, we can set up a free in-home estimate to see how much it would cost to have carpet flooring installed in your home.

Give Your Home a Makeover With Discount Hardwood Flooring

When you feel it’s time to upgrade your flooring, hardwood is always a great option.

Hardwood flooring comes in an array of colors and patterns and can also be engineered from several wood plies that are meshed together. Engineered hardwood flooring is a mixed bag of timeless appeal and consistent quality. While the top layer of wood veneer provides beauty, the bottom layer of pressed plywood provides stability. Engineered hardwood is more resistant to moisture and heat compared to normal hardwood, making a better option for kitchens. Continue reading

Add Value To Your Home By Investing In Carpet Flooring

If you are looking to install new flooring in your house without breaking the bank, carpet might be a good option for you.

Carpet flooring installation can benefit a facility, whether it is residential or commercial. Carpet flooring options add value to your home. Installation of flooring is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner makes. Most of them love the softness of carpet flooring and how it muffles footsteps. Continue reading

A Few Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is any kind of product which is manufactured from timber and is used as a flooring material, either aesthetic or structural.

Hardwood flooring is basically made of planks milled from a single timber piece. Hardwood flooring is considered to be the most durable amongst other flooring types and therefore lends a sense of permanence to your interiors.

Hardwood flooring has been one of the most reliable flooring options since centuries. Some of the benefits of hardwood flooring are mentioned below:

1. Easy to clean: Hardwood flooring does not accumulate dirt, debris, and dust. It solely demands weekly cleaning procedures inclusive of vacuuming and mopping. It should be kept in mind that hardwood floors are to be kept dry and moisture free.

2. Better quality look: Hardwood floors while being elegant, also provide warmth, a value of wood and of course, beauty! Hardwood flooring is considered to provide a look of spaciousness when installed.A-Few-Advantages-of-Hardwood-Flooring

3. Strength and Durability: High-quality hardwood flooring which is kiln- dried, installed and manufactured and finished to specific standards offers great durability and can last for generations. Hardwood flooring is also strong enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic and work spaces. Hardwood flooring is tough and hard-wearing.

4. Variety: Hardwood flooring offers an array of appearances for you to choose from. You can make your best choice from the varied colors, textures, shapes, sizes available for hardwood flooring. You can also choose between unfinished hardwood floors and prefinished hardwood floors as per your desire and need.
5. Better acoustics: A hardwood flooring if installed properly would never allow for vibration and hollow sounds.

6. Healthy indoor air quality: Hardwood floors are the best options for your interior environments be it office space, bedroom etc. These floors possess no fibers, embossing or grout lines which are known to accumulate dust, dirt, debris or pollen particles, animal dander, and allergens which occur with floor carpets and therefore helps in maintaining a healthy indoor air quality. Hardwood floor is the best choice of flooring for people who are allergic to dust and the like.

7. Best long term investment: Hardwood flooring enhances the value of your property. It is thus a good long-term investment and could form a strong resale argument, beyond the initial cost of the hardwood floor installation. Hardwood flooring has the capacity to further processes of a quick sale and also brings better/ higher prices during reselling.

So go and find your best hardwood flooring option!

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Renew the Home with the Latest Flooring Options

Before getting involved in the home renovation, flooring has many options. While decorating your home, installation of new flooring is enough to give an attractive look to your home. There are a lot more options in flooring styles that you may need to consider before choosing a flooring type. There are three main reasons to choose from, that are style, function, and cost. Continue reading

2017 Flooring: The New Trends in Carpet

What is in demand this year may not be in demand next year. In this modern era, it’s very important to stay updated with the latest flooring trends. Carpet flooring trends may change, but the demand for carpet never changes. It comes in many colors and texture options. In general, carpet flooring is best in low-traffic areas. Continue reading

3 Best Hardwood Flooring Options for Your Beautiful Home

To begin with, hardwood flooring infuses a new life into our homes; they beautify the homes and add warmth and comfort to the homes. Hardwood flooring is mostly a product manufactured with timber and designed to be used as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Wood is a common choice for flooring purposes in New England, Eastern Canada and Europe and comes in various styles, sizes, colors, cuts, and species. Solid hardwood floors are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber. They have a thicker wear surface and can be finished and sanded many times. Continue reading

What to Know Before Replacing Home Flooring

Home flooring is one of the most eye-catching décors of your home. The first thing that your friends, family, and relatives notice during their visits to your home is the type of flooring used.  Be it wooden flooring or laminate flooring or vinyl flooring, there is an array of home flooring options for you to choose from as per your likes and dislikes. Continue reading