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We help move your furniture!

Some people postpone the idea of getting flooring because of the fear of moving furniture. Have no fear. Express Flooring helps move furniture too! Don’t hesitate getting new flooring. We take care of all your needs including the moving of all of your furniture. Have a piano? No problem! Have a Grandfather Clock? No problem! Need a giant wall unit or heavy bed moved? We do it all! We are the only full service flooring company with the best warranties in the industry.
We Move your furniture for free

Best Maintenance Practices For your Hardwood Floors

Floors goes through the most wear and tear as compared to other fixtures at our house. Hardwood flooring and hardwood installation is a big investment as they are durable, add warmth to your rooms and offer a great stain resistance to your floors.Hardwood flooring in particular require some extra care and attention to look nice and beautiful for years to come. So, knowing hardwood maintenance tips is very important. Hardwood flooring stores offer variety of wood flooring and with simple and everyday hardwood maintenance tips; you can keep the warmth and beauty of your flooring intact for lifetime.  Continue reading

Discovering The Beauty Of Oak Wood Floors

In today’s times, hardwood floors come in variety of designs, styles, configurations, materials and patterns. Among the wood flooring options Arizona, one of the most common hardwood flooring is the oak flooring. Oak wood floors come in wide variety and selection options that give your room a mesmerizing look. Apart from all this, oak wood flooring installation with its fine grain finish gives timeless quality and compliments to any theme or style present in your home.  Continue reading

Tips For Cleaning Your New Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring Arizona represents style, elegance and is the most attractive feature of your house. Hardwood flooring Arizona is smooth and shiny flooring and will last for generations if properly maintained. Even, cleaning wood floors will add warmth and beauty to your house and contribute to its total value. But, the qualities of hardwood flooring Arizona will only be true if they are kept in good condition.  Continue reading

What You Absolutely Need To Know About Wood Look Tiles

One of the biggest trends in the field of home décor is the rise of use of tiles that look similar to wood. With the advancements in manufacturing processes and improvement in technologies, tiles have come up with wood effect that is realistic than ever. Flooring stores in Arizona have the wood looked tiles that combine warmth and beauty of wood with the ease and versatility of ceramic, porcelain or vinyl tiles. Continue reading

Why Homeowners Love Their Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles are intended to catch the ageless look of stone tile flooring, wood boards and clay tile floors, while giving way to a more durable and agreeable surface for regular living. Luxury vinyl tiles are available in numerous patterns to complement the needs of homeowners. Be it rustic or contemporary, these tiles can create any look desired by the homeowners and are easily available in vinyl stores Arizona. More than just the look, the luxury vinyl tiles have a lot of other benefits.
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Hardwood Flooring In Kitchen – Pros and Cons

In modern times, kitchen has evolved as the centre to the house and the overall beauty of your home depends upon it. It is very important to think about the kitchen flooring options and choose that one which is durable and strong. As there are many kitchen flooring options available, it is imperative to analyse each and every option, its pros and cons and then decide upon which flooring will best satisfy your needs.
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New Hardwoods for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

Making a home for a lot of us is a dream come true and having it as close to our personality is the only way we would want to have it. Flooring forms a very important part of it. If you already have your dream home but would like to switch up up a little and remodel the flooring we will be able to help you with that. If wood is what you are looking for there are many Hardwood flooring options that you could consider. Arizona Wood Flooring trends are plenty and we let you choose what suits your needs and your style the most. Hardwood installation Arizona is done by experts and we leave no leaf unturned when it comes to doing a seamless and perfect job, so that you love the end result. Continue reading

Flooring Ideas for Flood Prone Areas

The flooring along with the lighting of a home can change how your home or office looks. Choosing the kind of flooring that reflects your personal style and choosing from a wide range of options is an ideal situation and we at Flooring Stores Phoenix try to give you just that. There are multiple Flooring Options in Arizona that you can incorporate in making your home or workplace look exactly the way you have always wanted. Continue reading

The Newest in Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The most famous kind of resilient flooring is luxury vinyl flooring. It has a number of benefits such as the vinyl installation Phoenix is extremely easy, it is durable, has low upkeep, and low on the financial backing as well. Vinyl floor has more profundity and surface today than it did an era prior, so it can look like hardwood, tile, and stone, and it arrives in a variety of patterns. Vinyl is delicate underneath, so it’s best installed for longer duration. It’s additionally hotter to the touch than hard surfaces like tile. Vinyl comes in different levels of gloss which create different look for every flooring option and they can be found in various Phoenix vinyl stores.
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Luxury Vinyl Installation Comes with Unique Challenges

Choosing the perfect flooring for your house is a task in itself. With so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to decide the best type of flooring for residential and office purposes. Of all the options, luxury vinyl flooring is considered a feasible option because of its durability, water-resistance, scratch-resistance and availability in a number of colors and textures. This flooring is suitable for high as well as low traffic areas. Continue reading