Gravy Stains on Carpets – Quick Tips to Remove Them

It’s hard to see your favorite carpet getting stained with gravy and other things making the visual allure unattractive. Thanks to the latest carpet types that are stain resistant and can be managed easily. But still these unexpected spills on carpets are still annoying. If left unclean for long time, these stains may penetrate deeper into your carpet flooring making it difficult to remove emitting an unpleasant odor.

Gravy Stains on Carpets

Tips to Clean Gravy Stains from a Carpet

  • Take a spatula and remove the excess gravy, so that the sauce and the oil do not go in much deeper.
  • Use blotting paper, cloth or talcum power to avert the stain getting spread. Leave it for 10-15 minutes for the talcum powder to absorb the oil and liquid content. Remove the talcum powder by vacuuming.
  • Use white vinegar by diluting it in water in 1:2 ratios. Remember vinegar contains acetic acid its direct use may stain the carpet color or may turn allergic to your pets when comes into contact.
  • You can also use house hold ammonia to remove the gravy stain by diluting it in two cups of water. Be careful with ammonia improper use may discolor the carpet surface.
  • Acetone based nail polish remover is also effective in removing the gravy stains from the carpets without damaging the color.
  • Mix enzyme detergent with one cup of warm water, apply it to the stain and rinse it thoroughly. Leave it undisturbed for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it, you will see your no traces of gravy stain remaining.
  • Mix detergent and half cup of vinegar in one cup of warm water to remove the dense gravy stain. Rub the carpet surface once the stain gets removed, use a damp sponge to remove excess detergent base.
  • If the gravy stain is not so deep .then just by soaking the area in warm water for two-three times will get rid of the stain mark easily.
  • You can also use liquid dishwasher in one cup of Luke warm water to remove the gravy stain. Never use laundry detergent for cleaning these stains, as they contain dyes that may stain the color of your carpet.
  • Consult professional cleaning services, if you think the stain is not getting removed and using any other natural techniques further may damage your carpet surface. Try consulting an authorized carpet cleaning expert as inexperienced cleaners may use cheap chemical that may in turn worse the problem of gravy stain.

Gravy stains and unexpected spills are very common but you need not worry. These natural techniques would decently help you. Always analyze the stain properly before applying any home remedy. Sometimes applying these tips without proper research may result in unexpected damage to the carpet.

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  1. Lisa Lovell

    Very clever, very simple! I’ve been very interested in trying my hand at some of my own carpet stains recently. I’ve always used carpet cleaning birmingham, who do a really nice job, but it’s interesting to see how people are tackling problems with household items or cleaning devices – well done!

  2. Marielle Altenor

    I wrote a similar post but on how to remove wax from carpet! Thanks for sharing the information as it can be very useful for people with carpets!

  3. Denise Pattton

    Ha ha … today I had to use a calculator for your spam catcher!

    Can I suggest testing any of these tips on a small patch of carpet underneath a piece of furniture that is not normally moved … just in case! x

  4. Jennifer Clay

    Wow, when I think about it this is one stain that I have never had to clean out of my carpet. KNOCK ON WOOD. But I will keep this in mind if that ever happens!

  5. Meli Horowitz

    Good tips. I would caution against using ammonia if you have animals. Ammonia is a component in urine and there are times when your pet will urinate in an area where ammonia has been used.

  6. Marjory Johnson

    What great tips for getting gravy out of the carpet. I never knew you needed special items. That’s why so many stains never went away!

  7. Lisa Hodges

    I am so glad we have all wood and tile in our home now. I could never get all the stains out. Wish I would have had these tips back in the carpet days:=)

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