How to Quiet down Hardwood Flooring Squeaks

Hardwood is one of the most favored flooring materials. But many don’t like the squeaky sounds that come from these floors. The reason behind squeaks from your wooden flooring is due to floorboards rubbing against each other. This sound usually occurs either due to improper installation or longevity of the flooring. It is advised to spread graphite in between the squeaky boards to reduce the noise by lubricating them. If this technique does not work, it is recommended to drive through nails into the flooring surface to prevent the boards from rubbing and quiet down the hardwood flooring.

Wooden-FloorsWork under the Floor

  • It is necessary to first know the source of the squeaks. So, walk across the floor to determine the exact location of the squeak.
  • See if any nails are hanging out of the floor or joints. If the nails are out either drive them in or cut them using diagonal cutters. It is advised to remove loose nails and drive through as many nails as possible to tighten the secondary floor with the joints.
  • It is advised to close the gap between the joist and the floor without the need to raise the floor. This can be done by inserting a shim between the floor joists and the plywood underlayment.
  • Use a screw that is 11/4 inches long into the joist using the shim at an angle of 45 degrees. It needs to be screwed till it holds itself into the plywood tightly against the joist.

Work above an Uncovered Floor

  • Use a cordless drill that is used for hardwood flooring with a 7/64 or 3/32 bit for hard or soft floors respectively.
  • Try to find the exact location of the squeak by walking to and forth on the floor.
  • Use a 3/32 inch bit to drill a hole near the squeak. It is advised to drill the screw into the floor till the screw head snaps so that you can throw away its head and fill in the hole with wood and color that will suit the floor.

Work On a Carpeted Floor

  • While working on a carpet floor it is recommended to prevent any damage to the carpet.
  • Find the exact location of the squeak using a stud finder. It is advised to use an extremely powerful stud finder to penetrate through the flooring.
  • Using a depth control device, drive the squeak removing screw directly into the floor.
  • Lift the device from the screw and press it side ways to break the head of the screw.
  • Use the same procedure to remove all the squeaks from your flooring.

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30 thoughts on “How to Quiet down Hardwood Flooring Squeaks

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  2. Kelly

    Thanks for the great information! My parent’s had a older house and the floors use to squeak all the time. It was hard to sneak out when I was a

  3. kungphoo

    This is a very annoying sound to me, but i felt like ok, the floors squeak so i have to deal with it.. That is not the case anymore, thank you for the information!

  4. Deborah

    My great grand parents had an especially noisy wooden floor. If you visited them, everyone knew when you were up. You might want to leave the squeak if you have teenagers.

  5. Meli

    I remember the sounds of walking on wood floors in some of the older houses I visited in New York. We had great wooden floors installed when we lived in MN…. no squeaks there!!

  6. Carla J Gardiner

    Interesting how carpenters know how to find and fix squeaks in wood floors. I found it especially interesting how you popped off the head of the screw and filled in the hole with wood and color to hide the screw hole.

  7. Irene Saadeh

    Thank you for great info. I hate it when floors squeak. It sounds too complicated for me to work it out but I think you all sounds like experts and I know now who to call if I ever have this issue!

  8. Don Purdum

    Okay, I know I’m a little weird on this one. But I like the squeaks. It reminds me of some really good times as a kid at my grandparents house. I know, I’m probably not the norm, lol…

  9. Shari

    Thanks for the handy tips! Don P I agree on older homes I like the squeaks, but when they start waking people up at night, well then it’s time to do some work! ;-)

  10. Marjory Johnson

    What great information to share with us! I will pass this on to a friend who has an older home with these issues.

  11. Veronica

    I am leasing an old Victorian house as my design studio. It was built in 1905 and still has the original wood floors. Weirdly enough they don’t squeak and they were never refurbished according to the owners. I was surprised that they are still holding up so well

  12. Dov Shapira

    Great tips, I used to install hardwood floors. I also used construction adhesive to prevent the squeaks

  13. Nate

    Thank god that I don’t have squeaky floors. Mostly carpet and tiles for me. I’m going to forward this over to my friend who is having an issue. Thanks for sharing!

  14. marielle altenor

    That’s a very good tip to know. We’ve been renting for a while so when the floor squeaks, we never really cared about it. Will be sure to safe this for the future for when I do get my own place (if in the off chance the floor starts to squeak).

  15. Irene

    I love hardwood floors. The most favorite flooring. I wish I had that installed instead of tile sometimes.

  16. Denise Pattton

    I absolutely adore original real wood floors and had them right through my shop and flat over here in Manchester. It took some serious work to restore them but the finished result was well worth the effort. I worked with the builder/joiner renovating the whole of the property and learnt some great tips from him.

    He has now become a university lecturer in Saudi Arabia.

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