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Kitchen Flooring Options Stone Floor Tiles

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Flooring is a very important point to consider when designing a new kitchen or re-modeling the existing one. Picking out the perfect kitchen flooring option is very essential. An absolute flooring material is one that is resistant to water, scratches, spills, is durable and does not cost a fortune. Selecting the perfect flooring that will complement the interiors of your kitchen can at times be a difficult task. Design consultants, at Express Flooring relieve you all of your apprehensions by providing exceptional service from the start to the end, ensuring you the kitchen of your dreams.

To make selecting the right kitchen flooring options easy for you, we will explain the various apt materials for your convenience.

  1. Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl is attracting modern shoppers as it is durable and does not cost a fortune to buy and install.
    • It can be installed in your kitchen as it can sustain damage caused by food and liquid spills, scratches and water.
    • A quick look at premium vinyl plank flooring can also lead you into believing it is stone flooring because of the digital printing and embossing.
    • The surface of this material can be treated to an anti slip coat to prevent falls and slips.
    • It is an extremely durable material with longevity if installed and maintained with proper care.
  2. Laminate Flooring – Few years back was only considered as an alternate material for hardwood. Recent shopping trends have given laminate a face-lift by making it the most sought after flooring material. It gives your kitchen a trendy look at an affordable price.
    • It is a dependable and durable flooring material that can be effortlessly installed in your kitchen.
    • The durability of laminate flooring comes from its composition which consists of three unique layers, each with its own distinctive characteristic.
    • It is resistant to many forces of nature that include fire, water, sunlight, and chemicals.
    • It is the best suited flooring material for homes with kids and pets as it can withstand damages caused by scratches.
  3. Tile Flooring – Tile is an ageless flooring material as it is extremely durable and has longevity. It is alluring many customers as it adds to the visual appeal of your kitchen whether it is modern or traditional. Tile flooring is inexpensive and is available in an array of colors and patterns.
    • Tiles have a remarkable glaze on its surface that gives them the color and durability.
    • Tile is resistant to fire, frost, water, sunlight and chemical.
    • They are very easy to install, clean and maintain. It can be cleaned using just plain water to prevent mold formation.
  4. Linoleum – This flooring material has many similarities with vinyl flooring. However linoleum is manufactured using genuine natural materials. This flooring gives your kitchen a more comfortable and cushiony feeling.
  5. Hardwood Flooring – Hardwood is the most appealing flooring materials that captures attention and alleviates the magnificent grandeur of your kitchen. It presents a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen.
    • Hardwood is extremely durable and has longevity, as it can last for ages to come.
    • It is not so resistant to scratches and spills and proper care needs to be taken.
    • It is an expensive kitchen flooring option compared to others. However, installing hardwood in your kitchen would increase the monetary worth of your home; thereby giving you back incredible value for your money.

What flooring do you have in your kitchen? Let us know which of the kitchen flooring options adorns your kitchen through our comments feature below.

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13 thoughts on “Kitchen Flooring Options – Flooring for a Perfect Kitchen

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  2. Kungphoo

    I currently have tile flooring in my kitchen and even though it has lasted very long it can get very slippery if wet. Maybe it’s the type of tile I have. I do love the look of it though!

  3. Jason

    I forgot there were so many options for my kitchen. Thanks for sharing, this will definitely help me when I choose my new flooring for my kitchen.

  4. Deborah

    There are so many choices. It can be hard to decide what flooring to choose. I have tile and love how I was able to use two different colors of the same type of tile to make a great design in my kitchen. I’d like to try wood flooring next.

  5. Jim Striegel

    I like to see flooring that flows throughout the house and that would include the kitchen. I’m a hardwood fan.

  6. marielle altenor

    Since I’m the one always cleaning the floors I would want hardwood floors in my future kitchen. I just love the look! I hate the tiles we have in out kitchen now and it gets dirty easily!

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