Summer Flooring – Finest Flooring Options for Summer

Have you planned your flooring for your seasonal changes? Planning your flooring is not only to increase the radiance of your home, but also to withstand the harsh weather conditions. In winters, the flooring can be covered with rugs and carpets to fight the extreme cold conditions. In summers the floors get heated up quickly and carpets and rugs are definitely not the right option. Hence picking right flooring can help dealing the summers with no extra expenses.

Summer Flooring

Summer Flooring Options

Marble Flooring – Marble confers an artistic gaze with its pleasant appearance for interiors. They are highly resilient, and can be maintained with no difficulty. During summers marble flooring provides cooling effect to your foot. It is remarkably cold to touch and also keeps the home cool. Marble flooring is cost effective and durable.

Bamboo Flooring – A popular choice for every home is bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is most excellent flooring variety as it helps heating up your floors in winter and gives a cooling effect in summer. They have a controlled moisture content making it crack and split resistant throughout the year. Bamboo flooring endows an elegant impression to the surroundings. They come with easy maintenance and adorable price.

Hardwood Flooring – Hardwood flooring is frequently preferred flooring among the other types. Hardwood flooring gives an opulent appearance to any area expanse it is used. Hardwood is an excellent selection for flooring your patios, living rooms, bed room’s etc. Hardwood is foot friendly in summers and also winters.

Tile Flooring – Tiles are a great summer choice as it cools down your flooring and room temperatures, making it easy to fight the heat. Although tiles are not a preferable pick for many people as the winter are hard to manage with tile flooring. But due to its easy maintenance, durability and also with attractive designs and colors tile flooring it is a great choice of flooring. The wonderful solution and admirable alternative for summer to have cooling effect is tile flooring.

A few tips to avoid hot interiors in summer

  • Flooring type is the best way to combat the heat, but few precautions can alter heat waves entering our homes.
  • Using thick curtains that help avert the suns heat reaching the floor. Most of the floors get heated up due to this heat energy.
  • Free flow of air in the room should be allowed to cool down the flooring; regular mops can also help to bring down the temperatures.
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22 thoughts on “Summer Flooring – Finest Flooring Options for Summer

  1. Terry

    Oh how I wish you were closer.. you have such great information.
    Just scraping up an old indoor outdoor carpet in a bedroom in a cabin and debating what to put down.
    Thanks for your great posts.

  2. Robin Foose

    I have marble flooring throughout my home and yes it does keep the house cooler. Great info on summer flooring!

  3. Karen Langston Nutritionist

    Thanks for this post. I have a question about hardwood flooring. I have heard that hardwood flooring will buckle in the AZ heat. Is this true?

  4. Loretta

    As much as I love the look of marble, it’s hard on my ankles being on it all day. I LOVE hardwood, and will have it in my home someday!

  5. Deborah

    I like my tile floors in the winter because it’s so hot in Tucson in the summer. It does seem to make the house colder during the winter.

  6. Tina

    My husband wanted marble on the floor in the entryway into our house. He went to Italy to pick it out, and then it was installed in the home here. Boy, was it beautiful, and care-free, too. I hadn’t thought about this in about 30 years! Now I have tile, which I love, and carpet which I hate! My favorite of all time, though, was the hard wood I had in my 50 year old home (the original hard wood, the kind they don’t make any more)!!

    1. Jason Valasek

      To reuse old planks is a great idea Dov. Zero waste and cost effective. The bottom line is still to cool down the room temperature of the room during summer time. I could imagine how will that look like after installation if properly sanded and refinished. The look would be an old farmhouse with perfect wood flooring. Sometimes, we cannot deny that we are so attached and fell in love with our old house and we wanted to revive its beauty without altering its historical and original character. You can still bring in beautiful and unique flooring with your old planks.

  7. Laurie Hagedorn

    I love every aspect of remodeling and especially floors. They are the foundation to the look of the room and the feel and texture are nice (or not) to our feet!

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