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Combination of Pets and Hardwood Flooring

Maintaining a hardwood floors with a pet in the house can be a challenge. You might in choosing a hardwood floor but you have a question that hardwood floors can be controlled with furry pets or say no to it. Fortunately, you can say yes that your pet can live in harmony with your hardwood floors. But, you have to sure to select the right characteristics to ensure the best hardwood floors for pets.


Combination of Pets and Hardwood Flooring

Choose Less Shiny Sheen- Hardwood flooring with lower sheen can be naturally comfortable for pets where it helps to hide the dents and scratches that pets can put on your floor. The combination of today’s high- power pot lights and a glossy floor can magnify every dent and scratch. The lower sheen on your hardwood floors for pets it helps to visually hide the fine marks can leave on wood floors over time.

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DIY Wood Floor Installation – Top 5 YouTube Videos

Hardwood is one of the most beautiful flooring options available. But you should also consider the cost associated with it. Especially if you are on a low budget you would want to do the wood flooring installation yourself. DIY wood installing might seem like a great way to save money, but it requires skill and expertise to pull of such a difficult job without any professional help. If you are not confident about the installation, it is always better to hire a professional. Continue reading

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Pros and Cons

Wood has always been the ideal floors among the flooring types. It is the most attractive, aesthetic, amiable material that becomes a focal point wherever it has been laid. Wood flooring is the most preferable choice for any home owner to enhance the beauty of the surroundings and to add value to the property. With the technological advancements the sturdiness of wood have been improved so far that it has become an essential concern for commercial areas too. Wood flooring offers a great style statement to both conventional and contemporary homes. It is an expensive choice with limited supply due to depleting resources.

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Laminated Wooden Flooring Pros and Cons

Laminate flooring is a photographic mimic of stone and hardwood material layered and fused together through a process called lamination. Laminated wooden flooring is most supple and affordable when compared to the other flooring options available in the market. Just imagine you are admirer of hardwood or marble but your local climatic conditions doesn’t favor or support the installation of these flooring. It could be in other way, if you are budget sensitive and cannot afford hardwood or marble for your homes then laminate is the most effective alternate choice. Laminated wood floors are the most striking durable and adaptable flooring types that are environmental friendly and can festoon the interiors and exteriors with utmost grace.

Laminated Wooden Flooring

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Exotic Wood Flooring Types – Part II – Pros and Cons

Exotic woods are the preferential choice for their natural aura to your homes. Because of its pleasant appearance exotic woods have always been one of the top flooring types. Last week in the first part exotic wood flooring types we covered Ash wood, Oak wood, Maple wood, and Mahogany wood. Here is the list of few more attention grabbing exotic wood species. Continue reading

Exotic Wood Flooring Types – Pros and Cons – Part I

Exotic Solid Wood Flooring

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Exotic woods augment a classy glimpse to a conventional home and modish gaze to a contemporary home. These are old but sturdy in nature and highly sustainable. Exotic wood can complement the allure of the air of any expanse they are laid. Using exotic wood flooring for your homes can increase the price value of your homes. People are generally cynical about the expenditure on hardwood flooring and prefer other flooring options to cut their budgets. But the fact is hardwood is not of one variety it has many options that could comes with a reasonable price (which could be still a bit expensive than other flooring types).  Continue reading

Solid Hardwood Vs Engineered Hardwood, Which one is better?

Solid vs.Engineered Hardwood FloorsHardwood flooring has always been a principle choice for customers. The compound varieties available in the market are alluring and visual, leading to much confusion. With the categories of solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring it’s always been a flip coin decision to make an easy pick. A little research about the pros and cons on each category could help you make better choice with ease avoiding uninvited damages. Continue reading

Carbonized Bamboo Flooring – Types, Pros and Cons

What is Carbonized Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo flooring is a renowned naturally produced material. The initial color of bamboo is light (blonde shade) as it is a grass and not a wood type. The carbonized bamboo comes in deeper timber shades when it is steamed or boiled. This process is called “Carbonization”. The different types of color shades are produced by heating the bamboo for longer and shorter duration. These bamboo shades are visually attractive and add a great deal of aesthetic ambiance to any coordinate.

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Bamboo Flooring – Properties, Pros and Cons

Bamboo flooring is the most attractive flooring alternative among the others and its physical attributes resemble that of real hardwood. Bamboo has become a style statement in flooring with its durability, elegant gaze and Eco-friendly properties. Bamboo flooring is a resourceful variety as it is the fastest growing plant with rich supplies all over the world. Bamboo is the right flooring option for any room except bathroom, and kitchens.

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Hardwood for Outdoors – Why is it a Bad Option?

Outdoors are generally aesthetic and the space is savored for tea breaks, get together or to relish the beauty of the surroundings, completely recreational. Unlike the indoor, the planning of outdoor flooring and decor should be done carefully. Outdoors is generally prone to high changing weather conditions and maintenance is difficult. While planning the flooring for outdoor the keen aspects to be considered is

  • Long term easily manageable flooring
  • Adaptable and affordable flooring
  • Eco-friendly and impressive look

Wood FloorAfter an entire house being designed and constructed with great interest and detail, why outdoors to be left fragile? Outdoor flooring can also be designed to give a good deal of attention. The flooring options are plenty and the designs are countless that can build your outdoors beauty. Since the outdoor flooring is exposed to harsh climatic conditions resilient flooring is apt. Continue reading