The Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpet Tiles

Historically, carpet tiles were mostly used in areas that face high traffics due to its high flexibility and usability, but now-a-days it is considered to be the height of fashion and practicality as it resembles the qualities in a carpet. Carpet tiles can suit the requirement of any flooring for both residential and commercial areas in high traffic areas. Carpet Tiles come in variety of sizes and styles and are great for covering tricky shaped floor spaces. Carpet tiles are the most modern side of the carpet world. It comes in different shades, accessible at handy price and most importantly it can be installed on DIY. Ease of installation and price may be an appealing quality in carpet tiles at first glance. As such carpet tiles have proven to be more practical and popular for years to come. Though it offers handful of advantages it has its own drawbacks. So let us go with its pros and cons before you choose to install carpet tiles in your home.

Advantages and disadvantages of Carpet Tiles

Advantages of Carpet Tiles-

  • Ease of Installation
  • Durability
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Own choice in designing your floors

Ease of Installation- Carpet tiles are available in handy sizes, which means it doesn’t require more than a person to carry and to install on your floors. You can easily adjust the size and shape of the carpet tile based on the area using a sharp cutter. The use of carpet adhesive will help the Carpet Tile in place. The ease of installation makes it ideal for weekend DIY projects.

Durability- Carpet tiles are extremely durable and can withstand the wear and tear caused by foot traffic as long as you take care of them on a regular basis with proper care and maintenance.

Easy to maintain- Cleaning carpet tiles is extremely simple and can be maintained with no trouble. You simply have to vacuum or sweep twice or thrice a week to keep it clean. For better look you can use a mild regular carpet shampoo detergents. The good thing in a carpet tile is that, an individual tile can be taken away if it gets stained deeply and can be fitted back once the stains get washed off. You do not require to hire an expert to clean your carpet tiles to remove the dirt and stains on it.

Own choice in designing your floors- You can design your floors with carpet tiles as you like. Carpet tiles come in countless colors and textures where you can really like and can be installed with various colors according to your taste. You may be tired or bored of the existing lay-out pattern? Then simply interchange the carpet tiles with different shades so you will have a different look altogether.

Disadvantages of Carpet Tiles-

  • Loose and Frayed edges
  • Disfigured tiles

Loose and Frayed Edges- Carpet tiled floor might look great at the beginning or when it is practically new, but you should be alert that the edges can get easily worn out as time passes by. The edges/ corners eventually get slack though you have used a carpet adhesive. Using high quality carpet adhesive can help in reducing the occurrence of loose and frayed edges.

Disfigured Tiles- Carpet tiles are available in different textures and with different base materials. Poor quality tiles usually have rubber base backing. While you purchase one with rubber base, take notice that there is a chance that tile does become disfigured in time. This could occur when you clean the tile with water or any agents, there are lot of chances to spoil the carpet tiles.

No flooring option is available with 100% guaranteed resistance to flooring troubles. There are always few limitations for every type you choose. Carpet tile flooring is not a tough flooring option comparatively but still is most resilient and an advanced flooring option to opt for your luxurious home or office.

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