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Assisted Living Flooring

Special care needs to be taken when installing flooring for the elderly and people who have mobility issues. Assisted living centers need a safe and secure environment that gives the warmth of a home to the people living there. The various colors and patterns available provide a calm and soothing effect to people.

Durable, slip-resistant flooring that can sustain stains is ideal in these centers because it is practical and convenient. Using the exact flooring material that is suitable for these centers also helps to maintain hygiene and sanitation. Express Flooring has 25 years of experience in offering adept services to assisted living centers.

Laminate and vinyl plank flooring is ideal for areas in assisted living centers such as reception areas, examination rooms, procedure rooms, and corridors. These flooring materials are safe, durable and dependable because they are water resistant and slip resistant. Laminate and vinyl plank flooring is perfect for high foot traffic and is easy to maintain and clean.

Express Flooring services

  • Express Flooring has a rich collection of flooring materials and a trained staff to assist you in selecting the best flooring for your home or office.
  • Express Flooring provides flooring materials from top brands that will make your assisted living center convenient for the tenants staying there.
  • We bring in the samples to your center, making it comfortable for you to select from a rich collection of flooring materials.
  • We provide stellar flooring at highly discounted rates because we buy materials in bulk.
  • We try to adjust our installation timing according to your comfort and availability. We will provide you a two-hour time frame of arrival.

Choices of flooring materials at Express Flooring

Express Flooring has a rich collection of commercial flooring options that include carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl planks, natural stone, and laminate. If you want high-quality flooring services in the comfort of your office, give Express Flooring a call.