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Wholesale Vinyl Flooring & Installation in Avondale, AZ

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Avondale's preferred choice for vinyl flooring is Express Flooring. Residents of Avondale always receive the best discount prices on vinyl flooring due to our enormous supply of in-stock vinyl flooring choices. In addition to providing the largest supply of vinyl flooring at the lowest available prices, our free in-home shopping experience removes all the stress and anxiety typically associated with flooring purchases. We also offer wholesale pricing with retail services. Our industry famous lifetime installation warranty creates a peace of mind you won’t get buying flooring with anyone else.

Besides offering the lowest prices and largest selections, our complimentary design advice and free in-home shopping experience make us Avondale's number one choice. We bring the store to your door and save you countless hours of shopping, negotiating and haggling. We do this with vinyl flooring packaged pricing options that make choosing your preferred choice easier. Spend less time worrying about pricing and more time focused on getting the vinyl flooring you want most.

Nobody is able to offer lower vinyl flooring prices due to our large volume discount pricing and inventory control. We have over 1 million square feet of flooring inventory in our locally owned and operated warehouse.

More people are choosing to install vinyl flooring in their homes because of the beauty vinyl offers. Gorgeous designs that look like real wood, tile and stone are available. The appeal of these vinyl flooring options is unmatched. To the naked eye, these vinyl choices look like real tile and wood. However, unlike the real options, these vinyl flooring choices can be applied in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and are extremely easy to repair.

Our lifetime installation warranties assure your vinyl floors will look beautiful for many years to come. To make your purchase decisions even easier, we also offer interest-free financing options. Our design consultants can create a vinyl flooring package to meet all your budget requirements. Furthermore, we promise to match or beat any competitor's offers by 10% or more. Call today and view our vinyl flooring samples in the comfort of your own home for free.

Find the Perfect Vinyl Flooring for Your Home or Office in Avondale

Vinyl flooring has changed a lot over the last few decades. In the 1970s, for instance, vinyl flooring often had a cheap look to it. Family's that wanted to save money usually installed the vinyl sheeting in their basements. Avondale family's however, rarely installed old vinyl sheeting in areas where guests might visit.
Today, vinyl flooring looks as attractive as hardwood and tile. Many of the people who come to our store have to look closely to find differences in our wood flooring and luxury vinyl products.

If you want an attractive floor that's affordable and easy to care for, then you should contact Express Flooring to learn more about your vinyl flooring options.

Vinyl Flooring Installation Avondale, AZ

Express Flooring sells several types of vinyl flooring options. Because of this, there isn't one perfect way to install vinyl floors. If you choose to install your own flooring, though, we can help you select a product that's easy to work with. We want to make sure that you're happy with any vinyl flooring product that you buy, so we're happy to assist.

We often recommend vinyl plank flooring to customers who want to do their own installations. Today's vinyl planks have grooves cut along their sides. The grooves slide into each other easily to create a flat, seamless surface. You may need to cut a few planks to fit your floor's dimensions, but most people can do the work without much difficulty.

Vinyl sheets are also useful for people who want to install their own flooring. With vinyl sheeting, you just have to cut the vinyl to the size you want. After that, most of the work involves gluing the vinyl to the subfloor. Use caution when cutting the sheets, though. If you make a mistake, then you could ruin the entire sheet.

Why Vinyl Flooring in Avondale?

Avondale residents choose vinyl flooring products for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons that we hear from our customers include vinyl's:

  • Ability to repel water, even when a burst pipe causes flooding.
  • Versatile aesthetics that can look like real wood, tile, or unique designs.
  • Exceptional durability that lasts for decades.
  • Affordable price, especially when compared to more expensive flooring materials like hardwood and stone.

Our customers also like how easy it is for them to clean their vinyl floors. Because of vinyl's flat surface, you can clean it with a broom or mop. You only need to sweep the floor about once a week to prevent allergens like dust and pet dander from hurting your family.

Professionally Installed Vinyl in Avondale

While some of our customers choose to install their own vinyl flooring, you don't have to do the job alone. Express Flooring has years of experience with professional vinyl installation in Avondale. In fact, we've developed a step-by-step process that ensures success.

We're so certain that our employees can install all vinyl flooring options that we offer a free, lifetime installation warranty.

Over the years, we've refined our installation method to include steps like:

  • Cleaning the subfloor to remove any high or low areas.
  • Taking careful measurements of the room's dimensions.
  • Cutting vinyl planks, tiles, and sheets to match the room's dimensions perfectly.
  • Double-checking all of our measurements before we begin the installation process.

The precise way that we install vinyl flooring varies depending on the vinyl flooring options that our customers choose.

For instance, when we install vinyl plank flooring, we use spacers to ensure the correct distance from the flooring to the wall. When we install vinyl tiles, we cut individual tiles so they will look terrific on a floor of any size. When we install vinyl sheets, we use a strong adhesive that keeps the flooring firmly in place for years to come.

We encourage you to take advantage of our lifetime installation warranty. You can get the process started by requesting a free, in-home estimate through our website.

As long as we have the vinyl flooring that you want, we can install it in your home or office the following day.

Express Flooring Vinyl Flooring Options

Express Flooring makes it easy for households and businesses in Avondale to choose vinyl flooring options that match their unique needs.

We work with some of the world's top vinyl flooring manufacturers and distributors to make sure our customers have access to a wide selection. Some of our favorite vinyl flooring brands include:

  • Armstrong
  • Mannington
  • Tarkett
  • Earthwerks
  • Congoleum

Our relationships with these and other companies make it possible for Express Flooring to sell three popular types of vinyl flooring:

  • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT flooring)
  • Vinyl plank flooring
  • Vinyl sheet flooring

All of these options have beautiful designs appropriate for businesses and homes. Since they're extremely durable, you can use them in high-traffic areas without worrying about short-term damage.

Get a Free, In-Home Estimate From Express Flooring

Avondale residents trust Express Flooring because we take pride in our work and we never hide fees until the last minute. All of our quotes include the products and services that you ask for.

You can get a free, in-home estimate by using our quick appointment scheduler. After we confirm your appointment, we'll bring several large vinyl floor samples to your home so you can decide which product you prefer. We'll also answer any questions that you have about our products, installation, and other services.

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