2018 Flooring: The New Trends in Carpet (Updated)

What is in demand this year may not be in demand next year. In this modern era, it’s very important to stay updated with the latest flooring trends. Carpet flooring trends may change, but the demand for carpet never changes. It comes in many colors and texture options. In general, carpet flooring is best in low-traffic areas.

A few of the trendy carpet flooring options right now are:The-New-Trends-in-Carpet

1. Recycled carpet flooring- The trend that is booming right now is eco-friendly flooring. People are looking for ways to save the environment by reusing old material. That is the reason why eco-friendly recycled carpet flooring is selling more than it used to. These carpets can be made from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled materials to create carpet fiber which can actually be stronger than normal carpet fiber.

2. Cut and loop carpet flooring- This carpet flooring is made by combining both cuts and loops to create a geometric or abstract design. Cut and loop carpet flooring was in great demand in the 70s and lost its popularity in the 80s, but is now becoming popular again. Cut and loop carpet flooring comes in many patterns and textures that match home or office decorations. Loop carpet is a good choice for a personal office.

3. Frieze carpet flooring- Frieze carpet flooring is also known as twist carpet. In this type of carpet, each piece of carpet is twisted many times, which gives it an almost curly look. Frieze carpet flooring has been popular for almost two decades because it hides footprints and vacuum cleaner sweeper marks. Berber carpet is also popular for this same reason. If you are daring and want to install carpet in a living room, frieze carpet flooring is your best bet.

There are many more flooring trends that are becoming popular in 2017, but these trendy carpet flooring options are flying off the shelves everywhere. Express Flooring offers each of these trendy carpet flooring options listed above along with hundreds of others. Take a look at their website to see the latest flooring trends.

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