4 common mistakes to avoid carpet maintenance

Of all the flooring options available in the market, carpet is one of the most preferred options especially for people who have kids or pets in their houses. Carpet floors are extremely soft to touch and enhance the richness of one’s house. This flooring goes with almost every theme and with the advancement in technology, is available in a variety of patterns. This flooring is also very easy to install.

One of the biggest problems faced by people who have installed carpet floors in their houses is that this flooring is not as easy to maintain as any other flooring. There are certain things that the house owners should keep in mind even while cleaning their carpets.

Here are a few tips for you:

Visibility of Dirt is not the only sign of a dirty carpet

Carpets tend to attract a lot of dirt from the environment continuously. There are a lot of people who have reported catching allergies because of the dust caught on their floor. This is one of the biggest reasons why carpet is considered people repellant. But this problem can be taken care of quite easily if the carpet is cleaned using a vacuum cleaning every day. A lot of people do not tend to clean their carpet till the time they cannot make out its dirty when actually it may have a lot of dust in its inner layers. If the dust has settled in the lower layers of your carpet, it will get very difficult for you to be able to clean it completely and hence you should ensure that your carpet is being cleaned on a regular basis.

children-carpet-picEvery carpet has different needs

When it comes to cleaning a carpet, one may simply go to the supermarket and pick up the first detergent he/she sees on the rack. With the varieties of carpets that are now available in the market, a variety of detergents have been introduced in the market. A few detergents can be used only on a specific variety of carpets and hence one needs to be sure that the detergent being picked up by him/her is the one that suits the carpet otherwise it can lead to carpet discoloration or even loosen the fibers of the carpet.

Scotchgard is not a permanent solution

A lot of people believe that using a scotchgard protects their carpet from stains throughout its life. A scotchgard only works for a limited time on the carpet and is not as effective as one would like to believe. If you do not act immediately after the stain on the carpet, it will be very difficult to clean it even if you have applied scotchgard on the carpet.

Vinegar is not the best solution always

Although vinegar is a one stop solution to all your carpet problems such as disinfecting the carpet, it is so only for a few varieties of carpet. The finer quality carpets will get discolored if even a drop of the acid falls on the carpet. Hence, before you think about removing a stain using vinegar, ensure that your carpet does not get spoiled by it.

Maintaining your carpet is the step in the right direction but doing that properly is equally important.

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