4 Options for Faux Wood Flooring

Flooring options are becoming a heated subject in today’s times. People find it difficult to choose among variety of flooring options. Some like the natural beauty of wood and some opt for tiles as a more logical choice. As technological advancements took place, the faux wood flooring phoenix came up that combines the usefulness of tiles with sophisticated look of woods as well. 

Wood installation phoenix gained recognition as they involved the faux tiles that appear to be similar like wood with easy durability and maintenance. Faux wood flooring phoenix involves ceramic or porcelain tiles that mimics like wood. Even, to make the difference between wood and faux tiles is really impossible. So, having wooden floors in your house is an expensive option but with faux wood flooring phoenix you can have a beautiful and classy look for your house at comparatively lower price than wood.

Wood installation phoenix has created many options for faux wood flooring. The 4 most common options are as follows: 

  1. Laminate:

There are loads of options in laminate flooring that are gorgeous looking, affordably priced and are true to wood looks. Phoenix hardwood floors believed that laminate faux wood flooring phoenix to be a great substitute to wooden floors with many additional benefits. Easy to clean and maintain to make your house look classy and great all day that can not be otherwise possible with phoenix hardwood floors.

  1. Tiles With Wooden Looks: 

This option of flooring is gaining popularity these days. Strong, sturdy and durable tiles that look exactly similar to wood has made it a suitable option for flooring. Phoenix hardwood floors have limited options that are highly priced but for these tiles the options are endless with appropriate and affordable pricing. Wood installation phoenix team considers these tiles to be a great replacement as they have easy maintenance and can be used almost anywhere in the house.Faux Hardwood Floor

  1. Luxury Vinyl Tiles:

Faux wood flooring phoenix make the use of vinyl tiles that look really close to real dark wood. Wood installation phoenix finds it easy to install and is very soothing to the eyes as well. Vinyl tiles is durable, lasts for years, easy to maintain and best option for any area even bathrooms and kitchens of your house.

  1. Soft Woods Foam Tiles:

A soft foam wood tile is a great option for families with pets and kids. They are foam-based tiles that have strong wood looks with many added benefits that are not there with phoenix hardwood floors. Wood installation phoenix team find it easiest to install and maintain, easy to afford and great for insulation. If one section of this flooring gets damaged, then you can replace that area with new without disturbing the other tiles, which is otherwise difficult in phoenix hardwood floors.

Faux wood flooring phoenix is a perfect combination of wood and tile that is not only offering good looks but also providing many functional benefits that is not there in other flooring options. This is a versatile flooring option and is suited anywhere whether indoors or outdoors.

4 Options for Faux Wood Flooring was last modified: February 20th, 2019 by Express Flooring