5 Secrets About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

In the world of flooring, there are various technologies playing its role to help you get what you desire. Technological advancement in flooring has come up with luxury vinyl flooring, which is stirring up with lot of excitement. From natural looks of wood and stone to modern textures and abstracts, trends in luxury vinyl flooring creates new option for commercial as well residential flooring. Luxury vinyl Arizona provides you with durable and elegant options for your project. 

5 secrets about luxury vinyl flooring 

Unbelievable visuals with affordable luxury

Luxury vinyl flooring has a fantastic and surprising realism and naturality. It also gives replication of natural materials like stone or ceramic with the cost that is affordable. Even, when you are standing on it, it is hard to find out whether you are actually standing on slate, travertine or ceramic. Luxury vinyl Arizona provides you with superior embossing that delivers the look and feel of natural flooring with much less cost as well. 


Trends in luxury vinyl flooring are designed like that it can go in any room including in moisture prone area such as kitchen or bathrooms. Since, premium flooring such as wood or tile capture the nature’s beauty with confortable surface, but luxury vinyl Arizona gives you the same authenticity and elegance with application of it anywhere in your house. 

Exceptional durability with ease of maintenance

Luxury vinyl flooring is constructed in such a way that it can resist scuffs, stains, scratches and high traffic too. This flooring is hardworking as it is made up of limestone base that can withstand families, pets and children without any wear and tear. Apart from this, luxury vinyl flooring is maintenance free. No special products required for cleaning. Only simple damp mopping is best for it. You will also get lifetime warranties on premium tile brands of luxury vinyl Arizona. 

Incredible comfort

Luxury vinyl flooring is flexible, comfortable and slip resistant. Another plus is that it feels softer and warmer and much quiet than other flooring materials. It is also easy to stand on it for a long period of time as it is multilayered which makes it warmer and also has a resilient backing. 

Amazing aesthetics

Trends in luxury vinyl display a stunning transformation in design aesthetics in past so many years. The ability to replicate real and natural flooring materials using advanced photographic technologies is the foundation of luxury vinyl flooring. The realism in look including distressed wood finishes, stone and slate, tactile surface textures and even woven textiles imbedded are gaining popularity. This is the biggest attraction about luxury vinyl Phoenix

Luxury vinyl flooring is embracing the authentic good looks and proven its durability and comfort. Trends in luxury vinyl come in many fashionable designs that range from contemporary to rustic that emboss stunning realism.

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