5 Things Affecting the Cost of Carpet Installation

Changing your carpet is the most effective way of modernizing and styling your home space in a short period of time. Unlike other home improvement projects, carpet installation demands professional services because of the complex tools involved in carpet installation. Many carpet stores and home improvement retail units in Phoenix, Arizona offer free carpet installation on purchase of carpet from them. However, the type of material, kind of flooring, staircases, removing the old carpet could increase the cost of carpet installation at your home in Phoenix, Arizona.

So if you’re a homeowner looking to install new carpets in your home, here are a few things that affect the final cost of your carpet installation that you need to consider before calling the carpet stores in Phoenix, Arizona for your carpet installation needs.

The cost of the carpet itself

This is the primary expense when you are undertaking a carpet installation in Phoenix, Arizona. The style and materials that the carpet is made of greatly influence the cost of the carpet at carpet stores in Phoenix Arizona. Therefore, homeowners will need to find a balance between style and budget when picking out carpet material at the carpet store for installation.

Carpet Styles

The three main styles in carpet stores in Phoenix, Arizona are cut, loop and cut and loop, with each offering different features and suiting different rooms depending on the expected foot traffic in the room.


Carpet Material

The six most common materials used in carpets are: nylon, cotton, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, and wool. Most of the carpets made in the USA including Phoenix, Arizona use the synthetic materials mentioned in their carpets. Depending on your need you may choose your carpet material. The cost of each material also varies significantly. Nylon and Polypropylene are the most long lasting and low maintenance materials in the carpet stores in Phoenix, Arizona. Wool is the most traditional choice and it is also highly durable and stain resistant. However, wool also significantly hikes up the cost of your carpet installation project.

Additional Costs

Along with the price of the carpet itself and the carpet installation charges, there are other factors that significantly contribute to the price of the carpet installation in Phoenix, Arizona.
Subfloor installation for the carpet in a new home, adding molding if you are looking to change floor types to suite your carpet needs, removal of baseboards for proper carpet installation, custom cuts on the carpet depending on the shape of the room and your desired outcome, removal of old flooring when installing the new carpet, moving or rearranging furniture if you are currently living in the home where the carpet installation process is happening.

These factors add to your final cost of carpet installation in Phoenix, Arizona and must be taken into account when you are at the carpet store selecting your carpet.

Carpet Maintenance

Once your new carpet has been installed, you will need to constantly maintain it to keep it looking it’s best and to get the most out of the installation. Keeping in mind the expected foot traffic and if you have pets and kids at home while selecting your carpet material is helpful. But regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet is essential to keep it looking stylish and worth the investment.

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