6 Flooring Options worth a Second Look for Residential Areas

Choosing the perfect flooring for the house is one of the most important decisions that one needs to take while renovating or constructing a house. With so many options available in the market, a customer is bound to get confused about the best flooring solution for his or her house.

Among the large variety of options that are available in the market, we have shortlisted six options for you that are definitely worth a second a second look.

1. Carpet: One of the most liked flooring solution carpet flooring is the most suitable for bedrooms. This flooring is extremely soft to touch and gives certain richness to the room. Because the carpet is not as durable as a lot of other floorings, it is best to install them in low foot traffic areas. This flooring is less costly compared to other options and is also very easy to install. Thus, if you are looking for a low budget flooring which makes your room warm and cozy, then carpet flooring is the best option.

2. Vinyl: Vinyl flooring has become a popular flooring solution in recent times after the introduction of luxury vinyl tiles in the market. This flooring comes in a variety of patterns such as tiles and planks and is more durable than the carpet flooring. Vinyl flooring is water resistant and hence is a suitable option for bathrooms. It can also be installed in the laundry room because of its ability to absorb sound from the laundry machine. Also, this flooring is quite inexpensive compared to its counterparts.

3. Cork: It is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available in the market that is durable and scratch resistant. This flooring is most suitable for bedrooms since it spreads warmth in the room. This flooring is available in a variety of colors and patterns and hence provides a lot of options to the customers to choose from.

6 Flooring Options

4. Laminate: A lot of people consider laminate flooring a substitute to hardwood flooring mainly because of its ability to reproduce the same effect and its durability which is much better than most of the other flooring options in the market. This flooring is best suitable for high traffic areas such as the foyer, kitchen and the living room. It is not only water resistant but also scratch resistant and very easy to maintain.

5. Tile: This flooring option is suitable on almost every surface of the house, especially the kitchen or the bathroom mainly because of its ability to resist water soaking. Also, this flooring is extremely easy to maintain and if something spills over it, it can be cleaned using a wet mop. Tiles flooring is also scratch resistant and is available in a variety of colors and patterns and hence the perfect flooring can be created using a mix and match of various tile patterns to break the monotony.

6. Hardwood: This is like an ever green flooring solution. If you are confused among all the options, hardwood flooring is probably the best choice, especially for the living room, kitchen and the bedroom. This flooring is extremely durable and has a high resale value. Also, it is easy to maintain and is protected against normal wear and tear for a long time.

Once you have narrowed down your favorite flooring options, various Arizona flooring providers can further guide you with the perfect flooring solutions for your home.

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