8 Reasons To Hire a Professional To Install Your Flooring

You can always save a buck with some DIY projects around the house but when it comes to big jobs, like installing flooring, you should probably dish out the extra cash now and hire an experienced professional. Still, think you can do the job on your own? Read on for eight reasons to consider hiring a professional before you end up knee-deep in home renos you can’t finish.

Flooring Installation

1. You May Damage Your Flooring Products

It can seem like a big money-saver to install flooring yourself but if you aren’t an experienced professional, you’re more likely to spend close to the same amount or possibly more. Professionals know how to cut and place flooring to minimize loss – and there is always some loss during installation. You can potentially damage much more of the flooring you just paid for by laying out or cutting the product incorrectly.

Correctly measure and cut the flooring

2. You Can’t Learn Everything on YouTube

While online videos can certainly help anyone learn how to make minor fixes to their home, big jobs like installing flooring, require a lot more than a four-minute clip. Floor installation can vary by type of flooring and like it or not, experience plays a key role in how well the job gets done.

3. You Need the Right Tools

No matter how great of a DIYer you are – or think you are – floor installation doesn’t just depend on the level of talent or experience the workman has. The right tools for the job are crucial to the success of a home flooring installation project. Without those tools or the knowledge of how to use them correctly, it will be next to impossible to install solid, level flooring.

Flooring installation process

4. It Can Cost You the Same or More

It may seem like anything you do on your own can be cheaper but the truth is, professionals have access to lower pricing on a variety of materials – including the materials needed for laying flooring out, like grout, for example. As a regular individual, it may cost you the same or even more to get the tools and materials needed to do the job yourself.

5. Your May Put Your Safety Risk

As with any home renovation job, installing flooring can be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it. There are safety measures in place to protect professionals from causing themselves bodily harm. If you aren’t familiar with these safety measures, you are putting yourself at risk for injury. Plus, if the flooring is installed incorrectly and starts to lift or crack afterward, you can put the others in your home at risk for injury, as well.

Injuries while installing flooring

6. You May Be Forfeiting Your Insurance Coverage

You may think to install flooring is a simple job but if not done correctly, it can lead to other damage to your home, including damage to your floorboards, baseboards, insulation, or drywall. Your insurance provider may not cover the damages resulting from improper floor installation if you chose to do the work on your own, without a licensed professional.

Damaged Floor Boards while flooring installation

7. Professional Installation Comes with a Guarantee

No matter what happens to your flooring, if a professional installed it and there are any issues, your guarantee may cover whatever arises in the weeks, months, or even years after the installation. If you do the job yourself and there are issues not too far down the road, you may still have to dish out money to get everything repaired.

Installation Flooring warranty

8. Your Time is Valuable, Too

Saving money means giving up something else – your time. If you have a full-time job and can only commit to installing your flooring on weekends, you are not only extending the timeline of your flooring project but taking away from your own personal time. It may cost you slightly less in terms of dollar value but DIY floor installation still comes at some cost.

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