Advantages of Bathroom Remodelling

A fresh remodelled bathroom can change the entire element of a home. It is the place that gives homeowners the impression of being in a new home, by doing it the right way you can add significant value to your home. Waking up and going into your dream bathroom is a great way to start your day. But you might be confused on approaching on how you can remodel your bathroom?

Relax!! Here we have enlisted the best advantages of bathroom remodelling-

1.      Flooring- Bathroom is one of the most important aspects when you put your home on the market. It needs to shine, give a warm feel and be hygienic (cleanliness). The complexity of remodelling the floor depends on how complicated the bathroom is, but generally it is more time consuming than difficult. An important factor in remodelling is the kind of flooring you choose.AdvantagesofBathroomRemodelling

Types of flooring that is suggestible for your bathrooms-

Tile Flooring- Selecting tile for your bathroom is a big deal and you have been probably thinking about it, since you decided to remodel your bathroom. But before you buy any tile and start installing it, be sure you’ve made a choice that will not only look great, but can withstand wear and tear, steamy shower and most importantly resistant to water.

Things you should consider when you purchase any tile-

  • Moisture absorption level
  • Breaking strength
  • >Scratch Hardness
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance

Vinyl Flooring- If you look for an alternative that is low in maintenance, comfortable underfoot and easy on the budget then turn to vinyl. Vinyl flooring can be a smart solution for bathroom remodelling, comes in endless design options, and also looks like tile or hardwood. To know more on vinyl, “The Types of Vinyl Floors – All That You Need to Know”.

Marble Flooring- Real marble tiles have a beautiful, unique look like no other surface, comes in whirling patterns and shade variations. Marble for bathrooms has been used for centuries, but before you install, you need to understand little more about marble flooring-

Marble Flooring is-

  • Stylish
  • Unique
  • Natural
  • Radiant Reflections

Marble can be a great option for bathrooms, but you should consider few before you opt for your bath-

  • Scratches
  • Price of luxury
  • Acid stains
  • Water damage
  • Cracks & slippery surface

If you are not worried of budget and the maintenance, then marble is absolutely the best choice to add elegance to your bathroom.

Hardwood Flooring- If you consider hardwood for your bathrooms, you should be aware that the big problem with wood flooring is humidity. If not, hardwood for bathrooms can be a great option. Of all hardwood flooring options, engineered hardwood is a better choice for a bathroom than solid hardwood floors, as it can withstand moisture relatively well and is very dimensionally steady.

2.      Increase Value to your bathrooms- By replacing outdated features with modern and energy efficient baths, toilets and sinks can dramatically increase the value of your bathrooms; in addition, you can get a higher return on investment.

3.      Replace or upgrade bathroom with safety outlets

4.      Seal/ repair all the cracks and small damages in your bathroom

5.      Rearrange fixtures to create more space

6.      Replace bathroom holders and accessories

7.      Turn your baths more luxurious and modern.

Conclusion- Bathroom remodelling is more than a trend. It is an actual necessity to any homeowner. To give your bathroom a more modern and appealing look, contact Express Flooring experts for the best type of flooring that suits in your bathroom.

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