All About Creative Hardscaping With Retaining Walls

A Retaining Wall is a construction that holds or ‘retains’ some material behind it, hence the name ‘Retaining’.  This material could be loose soil or boulders. It is also a good way to expand your own areas. It can be built in backyards or gardens.  They define a particular space well and even make the space more useful. The slopes that you have can be maintained well if surrounded by a retaining wall.  They can be made with concrete blocks, poured concrete, timbers or rocks. They differ in lifespan and ease of use.

There are many types of retaining wall. Railroad ties, timbers, wall stones, natural stones, bricks and concrete blocks have to come be used as common materials for treating blocks.  Wood is a cheap material but it has a short life span as wood is a decomposable material. Paver stones Florida can also be used for retaining walls. Stones and boulders can seem pleasing to the eye but they are expensive and the installation is not an easy process. Maintaining stone walls and keeping them free from rodents is also a task. Mortared retaining walls are a good and inflexible option. They can be installed with bricks and also flagstones.

For hardscaping of Weston retaining walls you could also use limestone boulders and field stone boulders. Stack stone walls are another option. Adding stairs to your retaining wall ca increase the use and also look very unique and elegant. They can be made out of cut stone. You could go with either the traditional split look or the more natural weathered look.  The Mosaic wall pattern uses stones of both varying height and width which creates a design that can look very modern. Usually retaining walls are built out of the same color stone but if you want to try something different you could use light and dark shades of the same color on one wall. These could either be placed at random to form a patter or they could be placed starting from darker shades and ending with lighter shades or vice versa.

The pavers of the retaining walls can even be sealed. Paver sealing is a beneficial option for the lifespan of the stone. Sealing can protect it from extreme weather conditions.  It creates a proofing against any oil or il products that may accidentally fall on your walls, such that it can be cleaned easily.  It preserves the natural rustic look of the walls and makes it last longer. But it is only a barrier for synthetics. That means that it cannot protect the pavers from plants and weeds growing.  But in modern hardscaping, growing of creepers or runners can form a part of the design and also look very classy.

Thus, hardscaping a retaining wall has no hard and fast rules. Being creative means breaking norms and standards. But it is important to make sure that the wall is stable. With the help of a professional, you could use your creativity and let them handle the engineering bit of the wall to ensure that it is a stable a well as good looking structure. For more info visit us at Express Flooring.

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