All You Need to Know About Hand Scraped Wood Floorings!

For the past few decades, the most popular types of flooring have been the ones with a high gloss finish, very level , with flat and smooth looks in which you could almost see your reflection. In the beginning of the hardwood flooring phase, all this was hard to achieve as everything was handcrafted. By the end of the twentieth century, with engineered floors and laminate floors, such smoothness became a reality. People raved about the new floors, which at an angle, looked like a sheet of glass. It became a common option.

Hand Scraped Wood FloorsBut soon enough, trends changed and the ‘hand scraped’ look came back into vogue. It stands out from the other smooth floors now. It also suits an older or historic place better, and gives a warm-rustic look. For those deliberately going for a vintage look, hand scraped wood floors are a must have.

Over three centuries ago, the use of hard wood planks as flooring had begun. To even out the planks, scraping was the technique used. It was all done with hand tools, leaving marks of the imperfection of human work. This somehow developed into a design, and each craftsman had his own.

Today’s hand scraped wood flooring options intend to bring back that very look, though it still retains its modern characteristic of finishes which protects the floor. Much like all things that come back into vogue, this hardwood floor option is the expensive one. The styling elements under this hardwood flooring include sanding, scraping, or scooping the wood to create indentations, and create little splits or holes. The customer can decide how rugged they want their wood flooring to look.

Advantages Of Hand Scraped Wood Floors:

A major advantage of this hardwood flooring option is that it naturally hides any minor blemishes, dents, marks or scratches that may occur. It is much easier to maintain than a smooth floor in which the minor faults can be glared at. Another advantage is also that it has more grip than the smooth-finish floors and is a better option if you have children or pets.

These days hand scraping can be done by man or machine. Choosing your floor contractor will finally decide how your floor looks. The pattern in which the planks are placed makes a huge difference to the appearance and hence an artistic approach needs to be taken to make the wood flooring look its best.

Hand scraped wood floors are not the same as distressed. Although they have the same manufacturing process, hand scraped wood has more variation from plank to plank. Distressed wood is scraped by a machine and hence the markings are more uniform. Hand scraped floor on the other hand looks more like it has been done by human hands.

Hand scraping is an option for both solid and engineered woods. You can more easily avail wide planks with engineered wood but it is somewhat less durable. Most hand scraped wood floorings are finished with urethane.

All-in-all, hand scraped wood floors are a unique option with a human touch, which can give that old-time warmth to your home.

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