Bathroom Ceramic Tile – 5 Applications

There are various flooring options available in the market to suit variety of purposes for a house. Be it a flooring option for high traffic areas or low traffic areas, water-prone areas or sun-prone areas, a buyer can choose a suitable flooring to fulfill all his needs.

Bathroom Floors:

Bathroom floors are the most water-prone areas. They require a certain type of flooring that is water-resistant and non-slippery. Such floorings also need to be durable. A lot of options are available in the market that could solve these problems, such as ceramic tile, marble and many more, out of which ceramic tiles are the most favored ones.

Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of options and can be installed in almost every room, in a commercial as well as residential space, to serve the needs of a buyer. Because of its durable, water-resistant and scratch-resistant characteristics, it is a preferred option for bathroom floors. It is also very easy to clean and maintain these tiles.

In order to select the perfect ceramic tile, one must take into consideration various parameters such as the impact of various chemical and staining factors as a consequence of everyday use. It is important to choose the ceramic tile that can deal with everyday chemicals. For instance, bathroom floors of hospitals are required to be cleaned with phenyl every day to remove all sorts of germs. For this reason, the tiles selected for the bathroom should create the possibility of easy cleaning with the use of the commercially available detergents, also those with chemical activity.

Also, ceramic tiles should not be installed in places where temperature drops below freezing point since these flooring cannot withstand fluctuations in temperature. But, because they are moisture-resistant, they are perfect for indoor application in humid areas.

Ceramic tiles have a hard, solid surface that does not attract dust, pollens and other allergens. This makes it a highly recommended flooring option for the people who are prone to catching dust allergies easily.

Also, because these tiles are water-resistant, they are non-slippery and hence perfect flooring option to be installed in a bathroom. These tiles come in a variety of colours, textures and patterns and hence the buyer has the option to buy the flooring that matches perfectly with the other floorings in the house.

Bathroom Ceramic Tile FlooringInstalling Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles are easy to install. For a do-it-yourselfer, here are a few pointers that can help you.

Installing any flooring requires a strong base. It is highly recommended that tiles be installed over a concrete floor as it gives them the much needed support from below while being stalled. This concrete can also be a thin underlayment over an old and shabby floor already installed. If you are installing tiles in your house for the first time, make sure to take it easy. Once your thin-set is prepared, apply it over the floor and test installing one tile at a time. Make sure to install the tiles next to each other instead of installing them randomly in the room.

Once installed properly, ceramic tiles can make your bathroom look extremely vibrant. And the best part is, because it is cheap compared to various other types of flooring options, you can change them in a few years to give your bathroom a new look and appearance.

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