Benefits and Drawbacks of Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring has progressed since it first began. It is now a popular choice of floors for homeowners and even for commercial purposes. Selecting laminate floors will depend upon the traffic and use of the room. The market now produces all kinds of laminate flooring options. For those who want to save or even for those who want to splurge, laminate has a lot to offer. Laminate floors have its pros and cons. So before making a choice, keep in mind all of it.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Laminate FloorsFirst let’s go through all the pros:

The best part about laminate floors is the installation. Earlier you needed to follow a long process which left you with hands full of adhesive. The latest technology works on a simple click and lock mechanism. This makes it an easy DIY project for a holiday. Plus, this saves you the cost of hiring professional help. It can be installed over any floor except carpet. This saves you the job of removing your old flooring first.

Laminate floors are considered a very durable surface. They are pretty resistant to dents and scratches. Stains can be removed very easily from its surface. It won’t even allow the growth of any sort of mold or bacteria. It has a protective layer on the surface which works well. It is even tolerant to a little moisture. The higher versions of laminate are said to be better for more moisture.

Laminate floors come in so many varieties. They mimic the look of hardwood or stone perfectly. Some of them even come with the look of natural stone. There is a great deal of versatility that you can choose from for different parts of your house or building. They come in convenient sizes too- 8 feet long planks or 4 feet long strips or even tiles. There is a lot of ease in maintenance with these floors. Just sweep them on a regular basis. Or vacuum.

Despite all of the above, there are some drawbacks which you should weigh out, depending on the kind of room the tiles are for.

First is the whole moisture trouble. No matter what they say, it is safer to not have laminate floors in your kitchens or your bathrooms. Even a single leak that you leave unnoticed can ruin your entire floor. Some of the floors are also pretty slippery.

The tough part about laminate floors is that it can never be refinished or re done. It has just a single wear layer. When that is degraded you will have to replace that individual tile. Over time you will end up replacing the entire floor. Even though installation is not that tough, it is still a bigger task than just refinishing.

The floors are pretty hard to walk on and have a very artificial feel to them. It even has a hollow sound which breaks all the illusions that the looks of the floor had created. Laminates also have a short lifespan. Check the warranties properly before selecting the tiles.So that’s a brief of what you should know about laminates. Choose wisely!

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