Benefits of American Cherry Hardwood for Flooring

American cherry is amongst the most reliable kind of hardwood in the US. Certain species of American cherry like Black American cherry are considered native to the eastern part of the United States. American cherry trees are comparatively fast-growing which produces seeds in 10 years post planting.

While American cherry cannot be considered as the hardest wood of all, it is, however, durable in nature. Because of this very characteristic, the usage of American cherry goes beyond furniture and floors while also being used for underflooring purposes in the country in today’s times. American cherry hardwood also resists gradual warping and thus proves itself to be the best choice if you are considering dimensional stability.

Whether you are looking for the spectrum cherry color look in laminate styles or a classic hardwood, American cherry flooring is also much beautiful on their surface. Light colors would complement a home with traditional looks as they are quite similar to the shade of a birch or a pine, however with a tinge of a pinkish hue.

American cherry hardwood flooring also comes in darker shades because the wood darkens naturally with exposure to light and can also be stained effortlessly with the usage of gel based products. Cherry hardwood flooring is known to get twenty-five percent darker gradually if sealed with a transparent coating of polyurethane. Beautiful, availability of varied shades and being renewable.


American cherry hardwood flooring would fit any home and enhance its elegance. And also, because of the very fact that it is a native product and not imported, cherry hardwood flooring comes at many affordable prices without costing you a fortune.

However, it needs to be kept in mind that no matter what kind of flooring is used, the decision should be based on a number of other factors which would further determine the level of satisfaction with the installation.

The following are important to consider in this regard:

  • Type and extent of the room usage
  • Extent of sunlight and UV rays
  • Level of guaranteed maintenance
  • Personal style
  • Color

Once these questions have been answered, you are then ready to install the hardwood flooring and achieve your dream of an elegant home décor. With the availability of custom installation for American cherry hardwood flooring, highly trained and professionals are yet other option for you to consider in any case you want the perfect kind of installation with guaranteed guidance on the correct grade, type and of course, end of the very installation process.

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