The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Mohawk SmartStrand for Your Home

Carpeting adds warmth and comfort to your home. Some carpets, however, are better than others. At Express Flooring in Arizona, Mohawk SmartStrand has become one of our favorite options. Our customers love having SmartStrand in their homes.

If you plan to replace your carpet soon, you’ll need to know these top five reasons to choose Mohawk SmartStrand for your home.

1. Your Kids Can’t Stain SmartStrand

You probably think that your kids can ruin any carpet. SmartStrand’s stain-resistance will surprise you.

A lot of companies treat carpet strands to resist stains. Mohawk goes a step further by making each strand completely stain-resistant.

Mohawk can make SmartStrand so resilient because it uses Nanoloc, a technology that uses ultra-fine nanoparticles to block stains and dirt.

The next time your kid spills a glass of grape juice on the floor, you won’t freak out about stains. You’ll just get a towel and clean up the mess. You don’t have to hurry because Nanoloc protects your Smartstrand carpet from damage.

Side note: you still might want to discipline your kid for carelessly spilling grape juice. Not every home has the benefit of SmartStrand’s stain protection.

2. Not Even Your Pets Can Hurt SmartStrand

Kid Friendly Carpet Flooring

Have a puppy that hasn’t learned its manners, yet? Training your dog is important, but you don’t have to put up with stains when your pet has an accident.

Mohawk gave proof of that back in 2009 when it let a rhino spend the day on SmartStrand carpet. If you’ve been to a zoo, you know the kind of mess that an adult rhino can make. You can smell them from the zoo’s parking lot.

The company put its carpet to the test again in 2017 by introducing Max, a 5,400-pound rhino, to SmartStrand carpet. Max spent two weeks going about his business on the carpet. At the end of the experiment, Mohawk had the SmartStrand carpet cleaned by a professional.

The carpet looked brand new. If a huge rhino can’t destroy SmartStrand, then your new Goldendoodle doesn’t have a chance.

3. You’ve Never Felt Carpet This Soft

Carpet that a rhinoceros can’t damage? It must feel awfully rough to take that kind of torture, right?

Actually, Mohawk has been on a mission to make its SmartStrand carpets softer and softer over the years.

We’ve pointed out before that Mohawk uses a polymer fiber called triexta. This type of fiber makes SmartStrand much softer than traditional carpet fibers.

What does more comfort mean for you?

It could mean:

  • More family board game nights spent on the floor.
  • Your kids entertain themselves more often by building blanket forts.
  • Stretching out on the floor to enjoy movies.
  • Exercising at home without rubbing your knees raw on a rough floor.

Once you have Express Flooring install your new SmartStrand carpet, you’ll find plenty of reasons to spend more time on your floor.

4. SmartStrand Doesn’t Contain Any Harmful Substances

Laying on a soft carpet probably sounds like a nice idea… until you remember that many carpets emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for five years or longer after installation.

In the short-term, exposure to VOCs can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and some other annoying side effects. With enough exposure, VOCs will increase your family’s risk of getting lymphoma, leukemia, and even hearing loss.

You don’t have those worries with Mohawk SmartStrand. Mohawk proved this by getting its carpet certified by OEKO-TEX. The certification shows that SmartStrand doesn’t contain or release any harmful substances.

You can’t tell whether a carpet emits dangerous chemicals by looking at it. You need to test the fibers in a lab. The OEKO-TEX certification shows that you feel comfortable and worry-free when you and your children lie on the carpet.

5. You’ll Spend Less Time Cleaning Your House

Less maintenance flooring

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends more than an hour each day cleaning. Those hours add up quickly. By the end of the most months, you’ve spent 30 hours washing clothes, dusting furniture, and vacuuming carpet.

With SmartStrand carpet, you’ll notice that you devote less of your time to household chores.

Since SmartStrand resists dirt, pet dander, dust, and other allergens, you can clean your carpets very quickly. Instead of covering the same dirty spot three or four times, you just run your vacuum over the carpet once to get the job done.

SmartStrand may reduce the time that you spend dusting. Since the carpet doesn’t hold on to dust like many nylon carpets do, you can expect less airborne dust in your house.

Unfortunately, SmartStrand can’t do anything about laundry. You’re on your own with that one.

Explore Your Mohawk SmartStrand Options

Mohawk makes SmartStrand carpets in a variety of colors and designs. Don’t let the options frustrate you. Express Flooring can help you choose the perfect Smartstrand carpet for your home.

After you schedule a free, in-home estimate from Express Flooring, we’ll bring a number of samples to your house. Seeing samples in your home is the best way to choose the perfect carpet.

Once you decide which type of SmartStrand carpet you want, we’ll give you an accurate price estimate. In most cases, we can install your carpet the following day!

Benefits of Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet [Definitive Guide]

We have all heard about traditional fiber and silk carpets. But there are carpets that offer more, something more durable and environmentally advanced.

Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is a high-end carpet that is unlike any other type of carpet. Out of all the residential carpets available in Arizona carpet stores, SmartStrand is the best.

Mohawk Smart Strand carpet has become so popular across the world because Mohawk carpet tends to address today’s underlying carpet issues like durability, stain resistance, style, softness, and eco-friendliness. Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is made of PTT polymer fiber.

Now let’s look at the benefits of having a Mohawk SmartStrand carpet and why you should consider going through Mohawk carpet installation at your home or workplace.

1. Fiber – PTT polymer fiber has a subclass of fiber known as triexta.

2. Style options – One of the attractive advantages that Mohawk carpets boast is having a wide selection of styles, varying from thick, plush styles to geometric cut and loop patterns.

3. Color selection – Mohawk carpets offer an excellent color selection. Some of the most popular styles in the collection are available in up to 60 colors. This makes it easy for you to select the color that suits your home.

4. Fiber quality – The SmartStrand line is part of new generation of soft fiber Mohawk carpets. This type of fiber gives a feeling that it is softer than traditional carpet fiber. In fact, even loop sized pile also has an incredible feel.

5. Durability and carpet installation – Arizona carpet stores have Mohawk carpets that are very durable, and Mohawk SmartStrand carpets have an extremely high resiliency because of texture retention, abrasive wear, and fade resistance. The carpet installation process is less time consuming as it is easy to do for most professionals from Arizona carpet stores.

6. Stain resistance – Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is incredibly easy to clean with only water because they are stain resistant. The stain protection is built into the carpet. When you get one of these carpets installed, you will never have to go through carpet installation again.

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