Benefits of Using the Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Hardwood floors are available in wide varieties of designs, sizes and colours to get the feel of a real wood with its natural warmth and classic style to any portion of the home. This flooring type can be installed at any place with high and low humidity levels, because engineered hardwood is less susceptible to expanding and shrinking with the temperature changes. Engineered hardwood never misses the beauty and traditional look of the genuine wood floors. This flooring is very easy to DIY on any existing flooring types and is durable for many years to come. Following are the advantages of the engineered wood floors which leaves you an opinion that this flooring type is best among the other type of wood floors.

engineered-wood-flooring-thicknessBenefits of Engineered Flooring:


Engineered wood floors are constructed to be similar with the real wood flooring, and are made up of multiple layers and are bonded together. Top layers of the engineered wood are used to show all the natural features and beauty of the genuine hardwood floor. Below layers are to show the high density fibreboard (HDF) with greater stability and strength than any other flooring type.

Highly Resistant:

Engineered flooring is highly resistant to the changes in temperature and humidity. It can even withstand the moisture areas, which benefits to get this flooring anywhere in the home like bathrooms, kitchens, damp basements and etc..

Real hardwood:

Quality engineered flooring brings you a warm feel like real hardwood floor for the lifetime. Adds an extra beauty to the home and brings the best resale value. Even though engineered floor is not made up of the solid wood, it makes you feel like it is real hardwood without losing its genuine characteristics. It can be refinished and can last for many years to come.

Wide variety of colours and designs:

Homeowners can get attracted with the wide varieties of colours, sizes and designs of engineered flooring in the market. Engineered flooring has a beautiful collection of wood finishes, textures, colours and different qualities. Quality may vary with the prices, so always note that the best flooring dealers with good reputation will have the best quality hardwood to opt from.

Easy Installation:

Installation of Engineered flooring can be done directly on any existing flooring like concrete slabs, over any wood floor and etc. One of the best advantages is depending on the existing floor; engineered hardwood can be glued and stapled easily.


Few homeowners think that engineered hardwood is much cheaper and hence are in a dilemma that it is not as good as solid hardwood. Well, change your belief that best quality engineered hardwood has highest price point in the markets, which can be affordable and worthy enough to buy. Even if you want to buy an engineered wood in a low budget make sure to find a best quality engineered floor within the budget.

Above are the advantages of the engineered wood floors, which may help you to select the best quality flooring material when shopping around.

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