Best Carpet Cleaning [Methods and Techniques]

The carpet is one among the major investments and once a carpet is purchased and started using, it requires regular cleaning for perfect hygiene as well as the life of the carpet. Carpets are one of the most integral home decor items. It is pretty versatile and an important aspect for the interior decoration and it has a great functional value especially during the cold winter months. Carpet has both comfort and multiple choices of every home. Regular cleaning can make your carpet look clean and smell fresh.

Carpet Cleaning Methods and Techniques

Carpet cleaning can really improve the appearance of your home. If carpets are not cleaned regularly their life span gets reduced. A dirty carpet will be contaminated with many types of dirt like food particles, dust, skin flakes and pet hair etc. If the carpet is wet it would breed bacteria and get affected by allergies. It is more important to keep the carpet clean and disinfected so that, it will not provide any health hazards. It also assures utmost durability by extending the life of your carpet. However, cleaning of the carpet is not as easy job and requires a lot of handiness and special equipment. Those who have light colored carpets need to be cleaned often to look good to make your carpet look and smell clean and fresh.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Dry Foam Cleaning – Dry foam is almost similar to the shampooing motion that has existed for long time. The major difference is that with this process you do not have to wait for any drying. Often the bubbles will gradually disappear, so there is very little residue left over on the carpet. Dry Foam cleaning is pretty effective way to clean your carpets. Since this technique, does not use any wet process, there is no danger of over-wetting.

Steam Cleaning – This is the process that uses hot water under high pressure. The carpet is then thoroughly cleaned with a special type of grooming brush. Carpet must dry properly before it used to avoid dispersion. It is very safe method to be used to clean carpet. It is also very effective and efficient technique in removing stains and odors than surface cleaners, as it offers a deeper cleaning. Steaming on carpet also leaves few or no residues on carpets when compared to other alternative cleaning methods, because it involves deeper and thorough cleaning strategies.

The only disadvantage is that, although it is very effective and efficient way to clean carpets, steaming is more complicated and it is very difficult carpet cleaning process. Over wetting may also occur if the cleaning is not conducted efficiently.

Dry Cleaning – Dry cleaning is safe for most carpet fibers and it doesn’t remove the top soil. It doesn’t get dirt and germs deep in the carpet. It dries very quickly because of the small amount of moisture used. The only disadvantage of this technique is that, it often takes long time to clean and it usually cleans only the top one third of the carpet. This is perfect if the carpet has no sensitive value for a quick cleaning solution. This method is used in the regular maintenance of commercial buildings.

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