Best Flooring Ideas For Tight Budgets: Get More Bang for Your Buck & Other Design Hacks

Don’t blow your flooring budget. If you’re thinking about new flooring, vinyl flooring is one approach. It’s very affordable, comes in various styles, colors, and patterns, and can last up to 10 years. Here are a few cheap flooring options so you can save a few dollars and still have money leftover for updating your furnishings.

You’ll be floored at the options you have to choose from!

Use Luxury Vinyl Tile Instead of Natural Stone

If you’re looking for cheap design hacks that can save you time and money, to update an old look, replace your old floors with luxury vinyl tile that resembles stone.

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See Photos or a Sample Before and After

  • For a simple before and after, Remodelaholic experts were updating bathroom tile walls and vinyl flooring. The new flooring was not only easy to install, but gives the bathroom a makeover effect!
  • HGTV has a great vinyl tile flooring photo that showcases how kitchen vinyl flooring can have a beautiful stone look with natural earth tones. Notice how the flooring looks like stone?

Benefits and Features

When you have luxury vinyl tiles installed, they come in various patterns and sizes. One option is to select a pattern that resembles terracotta or try a travertine rectangular pattern. Another option is slate which comes in different colors and up close it even has the clefting or raised details found in stone. Lastly, an all-time best seller is a warm slate with gray and bronze tones. It’s very popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

Budget & pet-friendly vinyl tile

Vinyl tile flooring can be installed in a few hours and can be used for foyers, the bathroom, kitchen, or in a den or bedrooms with area rugs. It handles well in high traffic areas because it’s durable and vinyl tile flooring is easy to clean. Use a damp mop or Swiffer.

Pricing and Color Schemes

Vinyl flooring can run from about $1 per square foot up to $5 per square foot while luxury vinyl flooring can run from $8 per square foot up to $25 per square foot. The color schemes can vary based on the type of stone look that you would like to add.

How to Order This Kind of Flooring

When you search online for “flooring stores near me” or “carpet stores near me that sell vinyl flooring” you should ask for the latest flooring sale and installation deal that includes free-installation (and next-day delivery). If you like the HGTV example, ask your floor specialist for the Armstrong style and to show you similar examples. That way you have plenty to choose from and can have your tile flooring installed before the kids come home from school!

Try Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Hardwood Flooring

A great reason to use vinyl flooring is that it resembles wood and will give your floors a beautiful finish that looks like you paid more. With easy installation, you’ll find that not only will you save money, but your remodeled floors will take less time to complete.

See Photos or a Sample Before and After

  • For a great before and after, see how Nat Your Average Girl transformed a dated look with new vinyl wood plank flooring throughout their home. Bet you can’t tell that it’s not actual hardwood flooring. Follow Natalie @natyouraveragegirl.
  • You can also check out HGTV vinyl wood floor photos here. For more ideas, follow them @HGTV.
  • Another example is Grandior which showcased vinyl tiles and vinyl wood planks. Vinyl flooring is the winner, hands down!

Benefits and Features

An advantage to vinyl flooring is that it comes in different colors and wood patterns. It’s durable, practical, adds value, and is easy to clean. When compared to natural hardwood floors side-by-side, it looks the same.

Vinyl flooring with wood patterns

Because it’s easy to install, it should only take a few hours depending on your room size and clean up is easy. Just use a damp mop or Swiffer as no other maintenance (like waxing) is required and these are easy to repair.

Pricing and Color Schemes

When you’re ready to order vinyl flooring, ask about free-installation or end-of-season deals. You’ll find that vinyl flooring that resembles wood might run from $8 to $25 per square foot, while luxury vinyl flooring can run from $2 to $5 per square foot. Different options might include cedar, oak, distressed or weathered wood, walnut, maple, and other color schemes and patterns.

How to order this kind of flooring

When you’re ready to get a price for flooring and installation, contact your local flooring store and ask for a flooring sale and installation price. Let them know that you would like new flooring and specifically vinyl plank flooring that resembles wood. They can go over the various options with you.

Try Carpeting To Cover Unsightly Floors

If you’re interested in carpet flooring projects that are cheap and easy to install, there are a few options.

Budget-friendly carpet flooring

When you call your flooring store ask about their deals on carpeting. Carpeting runs about $2 up to $12 per square foot and is a versatile option for a cheap room makeover. If it’s specific to one area, consider a large area rug that can cover a space and help you complete your new design look on the cheap.

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