Best Flooring LOL: From Slips and Trips to Floor Mishaps and Oh Crap!

Whether it was the time new flooring was installed and the puppy didn’t know how to walk across the tiles, the time the Christmas tree fell after someone slid (or flipped)into it, or that request about installing astroturf in dad’s den, here are the best flooring stories, videos, and clips:

Funniest Flooring Fails

“If you fall, I will be there for you.” The Floor From sliding across the floor during a wedding reception or crashing into the Christmas tree, these videos prove that linoleum and vinyl flooring don’t mix with alcohol:

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Coolest Flooring Requests

Think you can’t have fun with laminate flooring or vinyl flooring? Guess again. Here are a few “special” flooring requests:

  • One woman asked for new vinyl floors, and her husband had the dining room paved with old vinyl records. Oh, you!
  • Another cool flooring request was for a 3D floor image of dolphins swimming in the water. Lifeguard!
  • A favorite is the dad that turned his den into the 20-yard line. No foul on this play.

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Funniest Flooring Videos

Some of the funniest floor videos involve pets:

Have your own funny flooring story? We’d love to hear about it!

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