Best Tips On New Flooring: You Can Go Big or Go Home

If you are looking for new flooring ideas, there is no reason at all why you cannot go outside of the norm and do something incredible. Sure, you can find a carpet color or style you like or you can put the same kind of kitchen flooring in your home but why not color outside of the box and make a grand statement?

What Are My Options?

In the flooring industry of today, there is a myriad of options that allows you to create your own aesthetic without being tied down to what everyone else is doing. According to Fresh Home:

Choose the best style and color for your home and try to have fun with each room’s interior design. Creative resources can inspire you to come up with your own idea on how to use different styles and materials to create unique flooring for your home. Look for a combination of textures that suit your room.

Modern flooring trend

Your designs options may be endless but first, here is more on which products are most durable and the most ergonomic. Choosing from this list first may give you the head start so you can complete your design ideas.

Most Durable Types of Flooring

  • Concrete
  • Wood Laminate
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Vinyl
  • Tile
  • Stone

Most Ergonomic Types of Flooring

  • Bamboo
  • Wood Laminate
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Cork
  • Rubber Flooring

Once you have chosen your desired form of flooring, whether it is for comfort or durability, you can now start getting your ideas for something amazing.

How Do I Find Unique Flooring Ideas?

One way to start searching for ideas that you like is to look online at sites like Pinterest. While you may not want to put pennies down as flooring as seen at Bob Vila’s site, you can still get clues as to what may work for you. It is similar to when you watch a fashion show – the outlandish fashions aren’t always the finished product – instead, they are ideas that are later simplified to a wearable item.

Unique flooring ideas

What Are Some of the Awesome Themes or Looks?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your own themes or styles but there are a few ideas you may like that other have done.

For instance, showcased on HGTV was a floor done with alternating strips of maple and walnut to create a tile look in a checkerboard theme. Another theme was done with paint:

best-looking themes for flooring

If you’re handy with a paintbrush then a painted floor may be in your future. The look is one-of-a-kind and, despite appearances, is not that hard to accomplish. The key is in proper preparation: the most important step is to first thoroughly remove the polyurethane or varnish protecting the wood’s surface, sand smooth, then prime with an oil-based primer. Now comes, the fun part: unleash your creativity and add the pattern of your choosing with paints made specifically for floors.

Speaking of paint, you can paint ceramic tile with epoxy paint. Imagine doing your bathroom’s tile by painting select tiles with the color you wish to create a honeycomb look or doing the edges in a complementary color that matches your decor. Using a stencil to create designs you like on your flooring works well, too.

Working With Stone

Stone is a beautiful addition to any home’s decor but you do not have to go with just one color or style. Instead, these natural stones are complementary and one idea is to use both light and dark colors to form a pattern. If you choose, use an additional white marble to create an even more unique look.

Working With Tile and Vinyl

Tile is another area where you can let your imagination run wild. Some idea themes with tile include a geometric design, mixed width design, herringbone design, and the chevron design.

For vinyl designs, some of the patterns and layouts are similar to tile, with the addition of a few. For a bold statement, choose from herringbone designs, chevron designs, hexagonal designs, diagonal, mixed width, large planks, and large format tiles.

Tile and vinyl flooring

2018 has seen a rise in light colors, extreme dark colors, or a blend of both. Colors like espresso, honey, white stone, whitewashed, gray, blonde, and high variation.

Carpet Trends

You might be under the impression that being innovative with carpet is not achievable but just like the other ideas you can do with tile, stone, and other forms of flooring – you can achieve with carpet.

Some of the trending colors are bold, blue, gray, and layered or multicolored designs. For layouts and patterns, carpet tile patterns, geometric designs, and layered area rugs are the latest thing. These patterns allow you to make your flooring more of a statement piece instead of the usual that everyone else has in their home.

Let the Experts Help

You don’t have to go it all alone. Instead, we will send an expert design professional to your home to explain your options and help you choose new flooring. Once you’ve decided on your flooring, we’ll arrange to have it professionally installed — the very next day if you’d like. Request your free in-home consultation today!

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