Carpet Cleaning and Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

A carpet is a twisted tuffs generally used to cover the flooring. It is made up of wool polypropylene, nylon or polyester with different designs, texture and colors to add the beauty to the flooring. Carpets or rugs are decor items in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, lounge, staircase, wall hangings etc. It increases the beauty of the interior, from a home to hotel, a bar or restaurant, tourist places; these carpets are attraction to every eye. With the increasing in technology and usage of carpets and rugs, the market is offering easily manageable carpets that reduce much physical work. These techno carpets have both advantages and disadvantages that run parallel.

Carpets Indoor Air Quality

Fast Generation Carpets – Fast generation carpets are like their tag line. Less work more comfort that brought on more sales. Today’s carpets are stain resistant and non absorb-able. These are said to emit VOC (like 4-PhenylCycloHexene, Formaldehyde Styrene) if not cleaned and maintained properly. These VOCs may affect the indoor air quality and also cause harm to pets. Within the problem lies the solution. According to recent survey analysis and studies the carpet and rug industry have reduced these VOCs into permissible limits and advised for better maintenance. Express Flooring offers carpet flooring with same environmental friendly attributes to benefit the users.

Apart VOCs the persistent problem with carpet flooring is accumulating dust that helps the growth of bacteria and fungus, dust mites, flees, pet urine and stains and molds that contaminate the indoor air quality. These cause a serious health issues like skin rashes, irritation, respiratory problems. The growth of bacteria and fungus may also cause serious health issues like intestinal infections. Pets are very much sensitive to these changes. Pets mostly crawl on the carpet/rug surfaces and hence are prone to allergies and sickness.

How to Clean the Carpet Flooring:

Carpets have benefits in reducing sound and also saving energy. Hence a regular carpet cleaning within the fixed intervals may reduce extra expenditure and also helps to cut health issues. Vacuuming and cleaning of carpets, rugs or door mats can reduce the risk. Apart from your regular cleaning, expert carpet cleaners from a certified floor cleaning company enable to regain the carpet look and quality to ensure longevity.

Express Flooring has buyout techniques to clean your carpet skillfully and bring back into its original style. Our techniques help to perform the carpet cleaning without disturbing the texture and quality with Eco-friendly approaches. IICRC certified technicians of Express Flooring guarantees good service for carpet cleaning to improve your indoor air quality. We ensure “A clean carpet and a clean air quality”. We serve all over Arizona, visit our carpet cleaning Mesa page for more information.

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