Carpet Flooring- Beauty and Durability

As we all know, nothing brings the gorgeous and wealthy look to your interior,than your carpet flooring. The beauty of carpet flooring is in its choice as well as its maintenance. In today’s market, we can find plenty of carpet options with impressive collection and striking designs. Carpet is pretty, long-lasting, versatile, realistic, stylish and one of the most cost effective choices compared to other flooring options. A simple cleaning technique is all you require to maintain your carpet.

Do you think carpet cleaning and maintenance is easy, yes it is!!

Let us look into some important tips that will help in keeping your carpet upto its standards and to help it from any damage.

 Tip-1– For carpet flooring, always make sure you use doormats which helps to reduce the external dirt not entering your premises.

Tip- 2– To increase the durability of your carpet, you need to vacuum your carpet flooring on a regular basis, also ensure the deep cleaning in the corners if the carpet is placed wall to wall.

Tip- 3 There is nothing to worry by the sight of muddy footprints or curries on your carpet, because there are lot of remedies handy. Mud left to dry can usually be vacuumed away when it is dry. Use a clean white cloth with a small amount of non-bleach detergent and blot the stain up. Repeat the same for ink stains, coffee and tea stains to get your carpet back to fresh look.

Tip- 4 Always remember not to waste your money in buying unnecessary cleaning products which are available in the market for cleaning carpets. They in fact damage your carpet rather than increase its life.As you know, the longer you leave the stain, the more difficult it is to remove. The sooner you catch the stain, the better result you would get preferably while it is wet. To keep your carpet smooth and comfortable, always make sure you clean off the stains immediately on your carpet.CarpetFlooringBeautyandDurability

Tip- 5 Though our standard of maintenance is high and very much caring, once in a while it is very important to take the help of professionals to clean your carpets. It will be a surprise to see how the appealing carpets would be after it has been professionally cleaned and groomed.

Tip- 6Dropping of liquids on your carpet is often seen. For a long lasting life and beauty of your carpet, do not leave it to dry on its own, catch the liquid as soon as you notice. Use soft cloths and vacuum cleaners to dry the wet carpet.

Tip- 7 New carpets are treated with stain resist properties and soil resistors known as carpet protectors. Protective coatings are very much helpful in increasing the durability of your carpets. Once the protective coating is done on your carpet flooring it lasts for at least 2 to 3 years. However, always ensure you take the help of professional cleaning which is advised.

Tip 8 Last but not the least, the best way of cleaning the stains on carpet is vinegar. You will be finding many types of cleaning products in the market, but nothing can beat the cleaning process by vinegar. All you need is a soft cloth and some vinegar to clean dark stains on the carpet. If the stain is treated incorrectly, it may result in unexpected damage to your carpet.

**Always analyze the stain properly before applying any home remedy.

** Before you proceed with any remedy, test a small hidden area first to make sure that the cleaning solution won’t cause any unpleasant results to the colour or the texture of the carpet.

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