Carpet Tiles Vs Broadloom Carpet: Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Setting

While choosing carpet flooring, you will come across two options- the traditional broadloom carpets and the more modern carpet tiles. Each one of them has their own advantages and strengths. Depending on what you need, you can choose either of the two carpets. Broadloom carpets come in huge rolls to cover a large space. Carpet tiles come in manageable sizes and can be installed by oneself too. There are many things that differ in the two, even though they may both just seem like carpets.

The tiles have become a popular choice for places with heavy traffic. But broadlooms are still in demand in high end corporate and retail spaces. The cost, per say of broadloom carpets is cheaper than tiles. A load of tiles will be more expensive that a roll of broadloom. But the key here is to count installation costs. If installation costs are taken into account, then tiles work out way cheaper. Tile has lesser waste and is more efficient to put down. Broadloom almost always requires professional help, but tile can be a fun DIY project, reducing installation charges to nil.

Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom Carpet

Both types have the shades and patterns that one would want, but in large spaces with huge patterns that require seamless floors, broadloom wins. But in terms of ease of installation, tiles take over. For any space, it is easier to move boxes of tiles in or out but it is not the same case with bulky rolls of broadloom. It is also very convenient to work with, especially in occupied spaces. It can be installed without moving out all the furniture and allows working around it.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can withstand high traffic and stains can be easily removed. In case of damage, a particular tile can be replaced instead of replacing the entire floor. Some broadloom tiles have a moisture barrier backing which keeps the stains above the sub floor and hence can be removed easily. This type of broadloom can be seen in healthcare and education.

Carpet tiles are more environment-friendly and recyclable than broadloom carpet. There are some spaces that must definitely be installed with carpet tiles. Here are a few of them:

If you’re choosing carpets for your basements, make it carpet tiles. Basements often witness flooding. When this happens, your carpet can be ruined and you will have to remove the entire thing which you will never be able to use again. If you install tiles, you can peel them easily to dry. You will need to replace only those that are badly damaged. This saves on expenses.

If you want the same warm look outside as well then carpet tiles will do the job. Screened in porches must also have carpet tiles. It is more convenient and easy to maintain as well. They are a good choice for transitions.

If there is some part of your house where you want carpet over another floor then go for carpet tiles. They can be installed over any non-wax surface like vinyl, laminate and hardwood. This saves you the hassle of getting the right subfloor for broadloom carpets.

Carpet tiles and Broadloom carpets are both good. So, it mostly depends on what you’re looking for. Make the right choice according to your need!

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