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  • Seven Sure Ways To Damage Your New Carpet

    You’ve done it: You’ve spent countless hours driving all over town to various flooring stores and big box home improvement stores. You’ve looked at sample after sample, taking them home to see them in your lighting. You’ve shopped, you’ve compared, you’ve pored over the countless samples and made a final decision on brand, color, style, design, and texture. You then went through the same lengthy process to find an installer. The installation went smoothly, your furniture’s back in place and now it’s time to enjoy: You’ve chosen the perfect carpet for your home. Congratulations on your purchase! Continue reading

    Floor Remodeling FAQ: How to Pick Floors / Carpet & Get the Best Deals

    If you have questions about floor remodeling, the good news is this helpful FAQ article makes it a straightforward process. Learn which floors are best for high traffic or if you have pets. Explore the best carpeting for bedrooms and kitchens, and understand how to take advantage of flooring deals to help with remodeling your entire home. Continue reading

    How To Make Your Carpet Last Longer

    When you have just installed a carpet, you can realize the cost involved in its installation. Having clean carpet flooring is equivalent to staying healthy. While keeping your carpet clean, you get rid of allergies and also stay away from carpet bugs that might emerge in your carpet. It also increases the value of your house if well maintained and keeps away from bad odors also. Despite of greatest efforts to clean your carpet flooring, dirt, spills and other accidents eventually spoil it. So, your carpet will always look new with right care and maintenance and also lasts for generations. Continue reading

    4 common mistakes to avoid carpet maintenance

    Of all the flooring options available in the market, carpet is one of the most preferred options especially for people who have kids or pets in their houses. Carpet floors are extremely soft to touch and enhance the richness of one’s house. This flooring goes with almost every theme and with the advancement in technology, is available in a variety of patterns. This flooring is also very easy to install.
    Continue reading

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips by Express Flooring

    Sometimes cleaning of a carpet take long days of extreme care and should experience a tiresome work like moving around on knees and hands, scrubbing furiously to remove the stains and etc. It requires long time of waiting to get the carpet dry and it makes you feel annoying. Despite the effort you put in, you can still find some spills, stains and whatever it is on bottom of the shoes. But, when contacting a best carpet cleaning services, the cleaning expert will take care to clean the carpet and to remove all the stains, dust, debris and etc. without any burden on your shoulders. Continue reading

    Carpet Stain Cleaning Tips

    Carpet as your flooring choice is good as long as you don’t have a spill or a stain. Once an accident happens all hell breaks loose. It can be very overwhelming to see something fall on your carpet flooring. The first thing to do is “don’t panic”. While you are panicking the stain just sinks into the carpet, therefore you need to keep calm and figure out a way to clean the spill without staining the carpet.

    If you have carpet as the flooring option, in your home make sure to have the following items for carpet cleaning if there is a spill or a stain. Continue reading

    Cleaning Up Dye Stains from Your Carpet

    Dye is basically a colorful substance that has many uses. You can color your hair using a hair dye or even dye a cloth to get the desired color. When one is working with dye, accidents happen and they can turn out to be a nightmare especially if the spill happened on a carpet.

    Dye stains can be a very major issue for any homeowner. It can ruin the carpet and the look of the room if it is not cleaned immediately and in the right way. Once the spill occurs don’t panic, it won’t help clean out the stain. You have to act quickly and do a good job of cleaning the stain. Below are a few tips given on how to remove dye stains on a carpet. Continue reading

    Tips to Clean Carpet Flooring

    Prevention is always the best way to keep your carpet clean before it causes a major damage. To save money, Carpet cleaning can be done with the household cleaners without having to use the high priced cleaning chemicals. Regular maintenance of the carpet will help you to prolong the durability of the carpet and extend its life. If you ever wanted to know how to clean carpets with simple ease, below are the few simple ways to remove the stubborn stains and to avoid staining smells. Continue reading

    Tips to Care for Carpet Tiles

    Have you been looking at the option of carpet tiles for your office or home? Of course it’s a good idea to opt for, where you can clean with simple care and maintenance.

    Carpet tiles have become an admired option for many homeowners due to its cost- effective price and the versatility in material. These tiles are available in myriad of colours and patterns, making it easy to customize the look of your floor. Carpet tiles come in incredible designs and outstanding patterns. Carpet tiles present an affordable, easy- to- install and handy alternative to traditional carpets. Continue reading

    Ten Reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Year Round

    Carpets need a lot of expertise to clean, because cleaning with chemicals or accomplishing improper methods could permanently ruin your carpet. Also, the treatment you perform on your carpets should need more attention. As we know, purchasing a new carpet could be costly indeed! So, you should be very careful while perform cleaning of your own carpet. However improper cleaning can void guarantee and ruin your carpet soon. So, it is an advantage to hire a professional preferably from local place, so that they can come round quickly to save the span of your carpet. You may be interested to know ten other reasons why you should maintain your office carpets in best condition. Continue reading