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  • Your Kitchen Needs New Floors? Here’s the Solution

    When you had your kitchen floor installed years ago, it brought beauty and usefulness to your home. Now, the floor is starting to show its age. It may have dents, stains, scratches and other damage that makes you wince every time a guest walks through the room. Continue reading

    Reasons to choose Porcelain Tile (Quick Guide)

    Porcelain Flooring:

    Porcelain tile flooring is made up of dense, heavy clay-similar to ceramic- that makes a fine choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

    Should it take a hit from severe impact, these tiles can be easily replaced without a problem. Continue reading

    Ceramic Tile Flooring – What You Should Know & How It Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

    Ceramic is very versatile and have the ability to withstand water and stains, however, you must be aware of the location in which you place ceramic tile. The construction of the material comes in red, white, or brown clay and is less dense and softer than porcelain. Its composition is made up of sand, clay, and other natural materials needed to withstand high temperature for molding. It is a heavy material and isn’t generally recommended for higher story installations because you don’t want to put too much pressure on the floor joints. Continue reading

    The Ultimate Flooring Installation Checklist: 4 Things You Really Need To Know

    By now, you’re no stranger to the world of flooring installation. If you’ve watched even one episode of HGTV, the DIY Network, or any “home improvement” show, you probably fancy yourself a bit of an expert in the world of flooring. But the truth is, those shows only show you about one-third of what really goes on in a “home improvement,” and only about one-tenth of what really goes on in a “flooring installation.” Continue reading

    The Ultimate Flooring Buying Checklist

    Flooring is part of the blank canvas that gives your home its primary aesthetic. Get it right, and your entire home can be transformed into something you can be proud of.

    But there are more options on the market than ever before — and each one delivers its own unique combination of benefits. To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together a flooring buying guide. Use this comprehensive purchasing checklist to ensure you choose the right flooring types for the right rooms. Continue reading

    Best types of Flooring for a Restaurant or Bar (Ultimate Guide 2019)

    If you own a bar or restaurant, then you know how important the right flooring is. From easy maintenance to longevity, it’s an investment that is crucial to your profits. Flooring for the “Front Of House” is just as crucial as flooring for “Back of House”.

    By the way, extra points for you if you can identify the local restaurants in the images.

    Here is a guide to the best types of commercial restaurant flooring or bar flooring so you can make an informed decision.

    Continue reading

    Beyond Terracotta: Stylish Mexican and Native American Floor Designs

    Southwestern style takes its cues from Mexican and Native American cultures, which use bold colors, illustrations of people and animals, and intricate prints and patterns to tell stories. You can achieve the same beauty by incorporating similar techniques in your own home design, particularly in your flooring materials. Tile and stone are more than just attractive and functional options for your feet. They also provide the ideal medium to weave a bit of history into your favorite spaces. Continue reading