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  • Express Flooring launches new [wood look tile] varieties

    Express Flooring is one of the biggest flooring providers in Arizona because of the variety of tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl and stone flooring we have in stock. Our professionally trained contractors will install any flooring that you choose in accordance with all the best practices in the flooring industry. Our design consultants will arrive at your doorstep to show you samples of flooring from our warehouse. Because we have more than 1 million square feet of flooring, we can offer great discounts and a lifetime installation warranty for all of our flooring products. Continue reading

    Wood Or Wood Like Flooring: What’s The Difference

    Traditionally wooden flooring was the only one that added warmth and natural beauty to the house. Even, hardwood installations delivers the most classy and elegant look as compared to other flooring options. But now days, wooden flooring options competes with many of its copycats, which not only give the look of woods but also, are less costly. So, people planning to build their newer homes or renovate the older ones that have lower price point in their minds, they often use wood looked tiles that gives the same look as of real woods.  Continue reading

    What You Absolutely Need To Know About Wood Look Tiles

    One of the biggest trends in the field of home décor is the rise of use of tiles that look similar to wood. With the advancements in manufacturing processes and improvement in technologies, tiles have come up with wood effect that is realistic than ever. Flooring stores in Arizona have the wood looked tiles that combine warmth and beauty of wood with the ease and versatility of ceramic, porcelain or vinyl tiles. Continue reading

    Benefits of installing wood look tiles in your home or office

    Wood Look Tiles- are basically porcelain tile which resembles the looks and appearance of natural wood. Wood look tiles are widely admired these days for their blend with the properties of hardwood and porcelain tiles. These tiles reflect smooth and attractive looks is quite hard-wearing and durable which makes for an ideal flooring solution for one’s room. It resembles unique appearance alike to hardwood tiles with posh emit all around in your home. Regular maintenance of these tile floors will help you to retain their durability and beauty for a long time. Wood tile composed of ground sand under processing where involves pressure and elevated temperature resulting a dense glass like material. These tiles are known remarkably for its water absorption capacity which is less than 0.5 percent and are known for their hardness, durability and resistance to scratch or corrosion.wood-look-tiles

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