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  • Arizona Flooring Trends: What You Need To Know for 2019 and Beyond

    Thanks to the rise of such networks as HGTV and the DIY Network — to say nothing of the increasing popularity of various YouTube videos dedicated to home improvement — many homeowners are paying attention to flooring trends as they consider their home improvement options. For Arizona homeowners, however, there are a few flooring trends that are more prevalent than others. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular materials used in Arizona flooring, and talk about some of the flooring trends in 2019 and beyond. Continue reading

    Why Bamboo Is Taboo for Arizona Homes

    A lot has been made of bamboo flooring as an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for home remodels, and lots of people wonder if it’s the right choice for their home. I’ve heard lots of horror stories about installing bamboo in the Arizona desert, and so I’ve avoided it. While you may like the modern look of bamboo, Arizona homeowners should steer clear of this product. Continue reading

    Best Tips On New Flooring: You Can Go Big or Go Home

    If you are looking for new flooring ideas, there is no reason at all why you cannot go outside of the norm and do something incredible. Sure, you can find a carpet color or style you like or you can put the same kind of kitchen flooring in your home but why not color outside of the box and make a grand statement? Continue reading

    Looking For Pet Friendly Flooring Options?

    Around 63 percent of all U.S. families have a pet. We cherish our animal companions! In any case, they can be extreme on a few sorts of floors. One of the most concerning issues with pets is their nails. Numerous pets likewise shed, and, they may not always remember they’re housebroken! The uplifting news is that you can have an excellent floor and still keep the family pet! Continue reading

    Flooring Options for Basement

    Whenever you think about re-doing your basement, there are important decisions to be made and choosing the right flooring is one of them. Some of the major things to consider while choosing the flooring options are the moisture levels, the purpose of the basement, temperature factor and style as against its functionality. Continue reading

    Stranded Bamboo Flooring – A New Weave in Flooring

    In recent times, Bamboo floors have become more and more popular as a flooring option. This flooring can be adapted to any decorating style as it provides a very different look to your home. Bamboo flooring is strong and has a chic look. Because of that, it has become an option when choosing for flooring. It brings a natural look to your home and can be used with any décor. Continue reading

    The Top Five Indoor Flooring Options

    Flooring is the major attraction of a home and also an important element to consider while designing your perfect home setting. The type of flooring you choose could make a significant difference in the visual look and the finishing of your home. Good looking indoor flooring could enhance the value of your home and could possibly complement your home. The choice of indoor flooring should be attractive; stylish and comfortable as it serves a wide range of purpose based on your needs and requirement, simultaneously planning and choosing the best indoor flooring that suits your decor is the most challenging aspect. Continue reading

    Different Methods of Installing Bamboo Flooring

    Though, Bamboo is a covering material produced from a type of grass, but it can mimic properties of hardwood flooring. It also offers various positive benefits of a hardwood floor. Bamboo is an attractive, affordable, durable, available in countless of shades and styles, and it’s grown and harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. Bamboo is preferred flooring choice for both residentially and commercially as it is suitable in all climatic conditions and extremely foot friendly in summers and winters. Continue reading

    The [Pros and Cons] of Various Types of Flooring- Part II

    As we all know, flooring is the principle element to choose while designing a new home or office. What you should look for while laying a new floor? Picking right floor for your home isn’t easy. You need to consider few aspects like maintenance, durability, foot traffic and how the particular flooring will make the room look and feel. So, other day we have gone through the first part of The pros and cons of various types of flooring, were we covered carpet, floating wood tile, ceramic tile or porcelain tile, hardwood and engineered wood. Now, we have outlined few more capturing types in flooring with pros and cons. Continue reading

    Bamboo Flooring vs. Laminate Flooring

    Both laminate and bamboo flooring options are extensively used in any area of a home except maybe in bathrooms. Both floorings have great style and choice to opt for, providing warmth, quality and richness of traditional hardwood flooring. These floors are also a healthy alternative for people who suffer from allergic reactions. In addition, some varieties of laminate and bamboo are very eco-friendly materials which give some peace of relaxation for homeowners who plan to go green with their surroundings. Also, Laminate and Bamboo floorings are very good alternatives to hardwood flooring when it comes to cost and maintenance. Continue reading