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  • 10 Interior Design Trends to Try with Your Flooring Choices

    Whether you’re planning a huge home makeover, building your own home from the ground up, or simply considering a minor refresh, there are some interior design trends you should consider working into your plans if you want a brand new, fresh feel. Here are some interior design trends you can incorporate into your flooring choices – or to complement your flooring choices – for a home that looks like it jumped straight out of a professional interior design magazine. We can’t guarantee you’ll get your own HGTV show after you complete this project, but you will definitely fall in lobe with your stylish and trendy new home. Continue reading

    Definitive Guide To Turning Your Tract Home Into Your Mansion

    Want to turn your tract home into your own luxury mansion? You’ll be glad to know that you can – and it won’t cost you a small fortune. It doesn’t matter what your home looks like on the outside, transforming the interior into something magnificent is probably easier than you think. Continue reading

    KonMari Your Kitchen Remodel With These 5 Easy Tips

    Professional organizer extraordinaire Marie Kondo’s Netflix show Tidying Marie Kondo has towns of tidying-fans and hopefuls talking for days and for good reasons. Kondo helps you make sense of any mess or clutter you’ve been struggling and shows how she helps her clients keep their kitchens clean, inspire home makeovers and spark joy in their lives. It’s a method that works well with minimalist design for a kitchen, too. But knowing how to apply it to your kitchen remodel requires a plan. Continue reading

    Peace, Love and Interior Decorating: Never Fight Over Design Themes Again

    You adore mid-century modern decor, but your spouse favors the bohemian look. You dig a French country style while your housemate is a minimalist. You’re a little bit country, and your partner’s a little bit rock and roll. Continue reading

    Create A Game of Thrones Inspired Home

    Game of Thrones is a global TV phenomenon that has enthralled viewers around the world for nearly a decade. The hit HBO show is packed with action, romance, loss and drama — along with a style all of its own. The final Season hits the screen in 2019. If you’re looking for any spoilers or behind the scenes information, this isn’t the place. We aren’t even showing the season 9 Game of Thrones Trailer or sneak peaks. However, if you’re keen to bring a little of that Game Of Thrones interior design style into your home, there are some relatively simple ways to do it. Continue reading