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  • [Complete Guide] Is Laminate Better Than Hardwood?

    One common dilemma for homeowners doing their own remodeling project is choosing among the many main flooring options. To be specific, picking between laminate and hardwood.

    Many people who choose hardwood flooring would argue that laminate is only the inferior version between the two. On the other hand, those who go for laminate would say that hardwood is expensive. Either way, it can’t be disregarded how both of the two options have their own advantages. Continue reading

    5 Best Ways to Clean Laminate Flooring

    Laminate flooring creates an impression to any interior with its grace and can mimic virtually any type of hardwood floor. Laminate can also add resale value to your home, if maintained with proper care. But just having laminate floor doesn’t automatically keep it looking nice; you have to take proper care. At the same time it can be maintained in an effortless way anytime and it doesn’t need an expert’s hand. If maintained in the right way, laminate can provide value for your money. Continue reading

    The Top Five Indoor Flooring Options

    Flooring is the major attraction of a home and also an important element to consider while designing your perfect home setting. The type of flooring you choose could make a significant difference in the visual look and the finishing of your home. Good looking indoor flooring could enhance the value of your home and could possibly complement your home. The choice of indoor flooring should be attractive; stylish and comfortable as it serves a wide range of purpose based on your needs and requirement, simultaneously planning and choosing the best indoor flooring that suits your decor is the most challenging aspect. Continue reading

    Go Green with Laminate Flooring By QuickStep

    Next time you visit your friends or neighbors house and see laminate floor in any of their rooms, don’t be surprised as it is the most recycled flooring material in whole of America. Laminate flooring break through manufacturing techniques includes three basic layers: Top Layer, Pivotal Layer and Bottom Layer.

    • Top Layer – Top Layer of Laminate is also called as the decorative layer, as it is a photographic image of stone, tile or Wood. The image is stuck to the plank with a resin based adhesive.

    Continue reading