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  • Express Flooring Is Now Proudly Accredited With The BBB With an A+ Rating

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (2/25/2019)

    Richard Saling
    Express Flooring
    Marketing Director

    Express Flooring Earns BBB Accreditation
    With An A+ Rating

    Phoenix, AZ: February 25th, 2019 Becoming an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau is an honor not accorded to all businesses; because not all businesses meet eligibility standards. Express Flooring is pleased to announce today that it has met all BBB of Arizona standards and is now an Accredited Business with an A+ Rating. Continue reading

    The Top 6 Reasons Arizonians Love Express Flooring Over Other Flooring Stores

    At Express Flooring, we take a different approach to giving our customers the services and products they want. To reference the Star Wars universe, we like to think of ourselves as the Rebellion fighting against the “business as usual” that you find at big box stores and other flooring stores. Continue reading

    Toxins Under Your Rug: The Volatile Organic Compounds Hiding in Your Home

    What are VOC’s

    The words “Volatile Organic Compound” may sound like a throwback to Chemistry 101, putting your brain into a snoozing state, but wake up! These sneaky substances may be lurking in your home, causing illness in your family. But what exactly are VOC’s? Where do they come from? And most importantly, what can you do about them? The answers might surprise you! Continue reading

    These Flooring Pro’s Secrets Revealed To Raise Your Home Value

    Whether it’s an idea you saw on Houzz or a before and after remodel on HGTV, these new flooring hacks will save you money and increase the resale value on your home. From faux marble tiles to faux wood flooring, use these simple ideas from the pros to increase your home’s value and put a little extra cash in your pocket with your resale. Continue reading

    Here are the Best Flooring Choices for Arizona Desert Homes

    When choosing new floors for your Arizona desert home, you want to make sure that you’re making a smart choice that works well for your home. Flooring can greatly alter the overall look, feel, and functionality of your home. Luckily, there are many great flooring options to consider. The experts at Express Flooring help owners just like you find the perfect flooring fit. Keep reading to learn more about the best flooring choices for Arizona desert homes: Continue reading

    Floor Remodeling FAQ: How to Pick Floors / Carpet & Get the Best Deals

    If you have questions about floor remodeling, the good news is this helpful FAQ article makes it a straightforward process. Learn which floors are best for high traffic or if you have pets. Explore the best carpeting for bedrooms and kitchens, and understand how to take advantage of flooring deals to help with remodeling your entire home. Continue reading

    From Shag to Wild Patterns: Carpet in the 60s and 70s

    Whether through watching reruns of The Brady Bunch, or actually having lived through them, you’re aware that the 1960s and 70s had some…different…fashion and design styles. Bell-bottom jeans, the leisure suit, wild carpeting and flocked wallpaper. Continue reading

    Express Flooring launches stain resistant carpet flooring options [New Edition]

    A significant concentration in any home is the feel along with the décor of it. The type of flooring that you use for your home creates a massive impact on the feel, ambiance and of course, the look of your home. Based on your lifestyle, budget and the amount of traffic in your home, we can help you pick the right flooring for your home.

    Continue reading

    [Easy guide] to pet-friendly floors that can take scratches & spills

    Whether you are renovating or building a new home, choosing the right flooring is essential for every project. However, for pet owners, this decision of finding the most suitable flooring is more critical as their furry friends undoubtedly will cause more wear and tear, dirt, stains, spills, and scratches onto the flooring. They can even cause permanent damage to your flooring. You should choose pet-friendly flooring that is durable and easy to clean.

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    Express Flooring launches new [wood look tile] varieties

    Express Flooring is one of the biggest flooring providers in Arizona because of the variety of tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl and stone flooring we have in stock. Our professionally trained contractors will install any flooring that you choose in accordance with all the best practices in the flooring industry. Our design consultants will arrive at your doorstep to show you samples of flooring from our warehouse. Because we have more than 1 million square feet of flooring, we can offer great discounts and a lifetime installation warranty for all of our flooring products. Continue reading