Ceramic Tile Flooring – Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

Tile flooring is an easy, cost-effective and efficient way to add character to a house. It also is easy to manage and can be used for domestic and commercial purposes.

One of the best tile flooring options is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile flooring is made of clay. The heating and cooling of clay produce the material from which ceramic tiles are made of. Ceramic tiles can be used for walls in the kitchen as well as bathroom areas. Ceramic tiles are popular for various reasons. Some of the benefits of ceramic tile flooring are listed below.ceramic-tile-flooring

Benefits of Ceramic Tiles:

  • Versatility: A vast number of options are available in regards to color, texture, shapes and size. This allows for creativity regarding matching tiles with wall color and house décor.
  • Budget Friendly: Ceramic tile flooring is cost effective.
  • Durability: These tiles are easy to maintain and are a good long term investment.
  • More than just flooring: This type of material can be used on countertops as well as roofs.
  • Washable: Ceramic tiles are easy to clean. Simply wipe it off with soap and a cloth.
  •  Anti-slip surface: Modern ceramic manufacturing technology has created a variety of textures that are slip resistant.
  • Hygienic: These tiles can be easily washed so there is less of a chance of bacteria and fungus penetrating the tiles.
  • Safety: Some ceramic tiles are also fire resistant, which adds to its credibility.

Once you are happy with the title you have selected, next, comes the installation process. Ceramic tile installation should be done by a team of experts.

Ceramic tile installation is all about calculation and accuracy. Installation of ceramic tile starts with the preparation of the subfloor. The sub floor should be free from dirt, grease or oil because they can interfere with the adhesion of the ceramic tiles. Also, make sure that the subfloor supports the tile, mortar, and furniture once the project is completed. This should be kept in mind for areas like bathroom and kitchen which are prone to moisture. Waterproofing should be applied prior to laying tiles. Once all the tiles are set on the floor, it should be left untouched for about 12 to 24 hours.

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