Choose Right Laminate for Residential Areas

Laminate flooring is amazing! Laminate flooring is considered to be an affordable and a durable flooring type. Laminate gives a great look and is scratch and dent resistant. Laminate has the look of real wood and is available in different designs, which include oak, bamboo and mahogany.

Laminate is made up of four layers:

  • The wear layer: The top most layers are called the wear layer. This layer is filled with aluminum oxide; the reason why laminate is resistant to scratches. This wear layer is important as it make daily cleaning that much easy.
  • The decor layer: The second layer in any laminate flooring. This is a layer where the image is printed and recreated and made to look like wood, tile or stone.
  • The core layer: The third layer and which gives the structure. Due to this layer, laminate flooring is much more resistant to scratches and dents when compared to hardwood.
  • The final layer: The last layer is as important as the first layer as this helps in giving extra support and firmness.
Choose right laminate for residential areas

Choose right laminate for residential areas

Below you can find a bit more in detail to understand laminate floors better:

AC Ratings– They are a short form for laminates resistance to wear and tear. AC ratings basically indicate the level of strength of a particular laminate board. AC ratings are becoming more and more popular as it helps buyers to choose wisely and accordingly. The ratings are basically based on the level of resistance it has to burns scratches and warping.

Each and every laminate board or plank is given a rating. Check below for more details regarding the AC number:

  • AC 1– rating is used in residential areas with less traffic like bedrooms and closets.
  • AC 2– is a bit sturdier and is used commonly in living and dining areas.
  • AC 3– used for all housing purposes and may be used in hotel rooms and office spaces
  • AC 4– seen in all kinds of residential properties and some commercial spaces where there is high traffic it may include coffee shops and boutiques.
  • AC 5– is used mainly in heavy commercial buildings like departmental stores etc.

The best choice for a residence is AC 4 laminate floors, as they are used in areas with heavy traffic. Another reason is the floors with these ratings are considered to last long without any major complaints.

Laminate flooring is growing in popularity worldwide. It is considered the best flooring type for any residence, due to its affordability and needs very little maintenance. If you are looking for a flooring type that should be low in cost, high in usage and last you forever then laminate flooring is the way to go.

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