Choosing Commercial Vinyl Flooring

The kind of flooring that you choose says a lot about a particular space. It can make or break. The floor defines the entire atmosphere in a space, be it your office, shop or a showroom. A person entering the room immediately gets an impression and forms an opinion about the place. There are a lot of factors on which the floor of your space will depend. Some of them include the cost, looks, durability to withstand traffic and the ease of maintenance.

There are many commercial flooring options and they range from rubber to carpet to wood to cork to vinyl. The choice of your floor must suit your commercial interior space. Out of all the options, there is one type that is recommended the most- vinyl flooring. Why choose commercial vinyl flooring? We’ll tell you more.

Commercial Vinyl FlooringBenefits of Commercial Vinyl:

Commercial vinyl is available in a number of designs and colors. They are very versatile and can suit any type of interiors. There is something to offer for everybody. Vinyl can even imitate the look of wood and stone and offer it at a cheaper price. Vinyl is always seen as a good flooring option for homes, but now it is also earning popularity as a commercial option. Vinyl floors are pretty resilient. They can withstand a fair amount of traffic since they have 6 layers making up the tile. They are resistant to stains and scratches too.

Vinyl comes with a ‘wear layer’ which protects its gloss finish. They absorb sound well as compared to other tile and do not produce a hollow sound. They can also be maintained with a little effort. Regular mopping with a damp cloth is sufficient. They even allow for spot replacement which is convenient in a commercial space. If the floor starts looking a bit dull, they can be waxed again using an easy procedure. This will restore the lost sheen on the floor.

Vinyl floors are also water resistant. The surface does not react with moisture and ruin itself. If they are installed with professional help, then the seams are very less and the chance of any bacterial growth is minimal. Thus they are also hygienic. These floors are ideal to keep away allergens in a commercial space.

It is definitely a cost-effective option. This is after taking into account the cost of installation. The maintenance too isn’t an expensive affair. Thus you can have the look of an expensive wood or natural stone floor without actually incurring the expense. Even if you want to replace the tiles, the cost is lesser than other types of floor. It is a pocket-friendly and viable option. Vinyl shows long lasting performance and is considered a long term investment.

Vinyl is available even in sheets that can cover a 12 feet wide space without any seams. Be it tiles or sheets, vinyl is a great option. The benefits of vinyl are not unheard of, and there is a reason for that- they are all so true. Install vinyl flooring in your commercial space and reap the benefits for real!

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