Choosing the Right Carpet Colors for Your Home

When choosing the carpet as your flooring for your home, color is the most important thing to consider. The color you opt can change the look and feel of the room and make the floor look beautiful. Carpets are available in lots of stunning colors in the market. Choose a carpet color that suits your lifestyle and your home’s decor. Occasionally, many people will have a hard time to choose the color they like because the color they like does not suit their lifestyle. For example if they like white carpet they cannot choose the same because of kids and pets but you don’t need to worry about the carpet flooring getting dirty, with the advanced cleaning techniques. Narrow your search by following the below tips to choose the shades that matches overall tone or mood to set for each room in your home.

choosing the right carpet colorsTips to choosing the Right carpet color:

Do not choose the color at the store, it is recommended to choose the color by checking the sample colors in your home. Looking at the color in the area where the carpet will be installed is the most important thing you have to consider when choosing the carpet color. 

  • Lighting is the only key factor to decide how a color looks in a home. The lighting you use in the home is very different from the commercial lighting used in the store. However, natural lighting (sunlight) is very different from the artificial lighting (light bulbs) which can cause the color to change or fade.
  • If you are choosing for lighter colors do not get worried of stains as it is easy to clean lighter colors with today’s advanced technology and stain resistant products. Light colors can make the smaller rooms feel larger and even more open.
  • Choose bright colored carpets for more lively areas of the home i.e. play rooms, children’s rooms and the room with pets go for darker colors as they can hide the stains.
  • Darker, patterned and multicolored carpets are especially effective at hiding dirt when compared to solid shade or lighter carpets.
  • Current trend is towards the warmer colors like gold’s and greens as they are considered colors that give a cozy and a warm feel.
  • Beige is considered to be too dull and too safe by many designers and as a traditional stand-by.
  • No other color has as much utilitarian value and flexibility as beige, so it remains to be a popular choice, regardless of changing color trends.
  • Use bright and bold colored carpets such as red, orange and blue to make any area look brighter in the home.
  • For a neutral shade color, decide whether you want your carpet to serve as a focal point. It is better to opt for neutral shade only if your walls, artwork or furnishings serve as focal points, because this can help you to avoid a plain and monotone design.

Try to get the samples of few colors that you are considering from the available carpet stores in Phoenix, AZ. Examine the colors in the natural light before you buy them. Sun exposure can fade away the colored carpeting, so it is better to choose the fade-resistant products. Carpet color can alter the overall look and feel of a room, so make sure to choose the color wisely and carefully.

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