Choosing the Right Floor for the Right Room

One of the biggest decisions people face when remodeling their home is choosing the right type of flooring. The type of flooring that you have depends on what you expect to use each room for, how you plan to maintain it and the environment you live in. Here is an overview of the most common types of flooring and how to choose the right one for your needs.


Wood is the most common type of hard flooring used in homes. Wood makes an exceptional flooring material because of its abundance in nature, its ability to be molded or cut to fit, and its durability over time. It also has a finish that gives every floor a unique and natural look. Wood floors are best for rooms that you want to appear more elegant and natural, like bedrooms and dining rooms. A wood floor can add warmth to the presence of a room.

Best hardwood flooring for bedroom


Laminate floors are a cost-effective choice that helps you to enjoy the look of various types of wood or stone at a fraction of the price. Laminate flooring can be cut to fit and installed easier than a wood floor. However, they are best used in rooms where they will avoid moisture and heavy pressure or impacts.

Kid friendly laminate flooring

Children’s rooms or recreational rooms are great places for laminates since they offer a measure of padding for small children. You can also use it areas where you want a special look that would be more expensive to use the actual material.


Linoleum is an environmentally-friendly flooring option since it is made of natural and biodegradable materials. It is best used in kitchens and areas that are likely to get dirty often and need to be wiped clean often. The smooth and water-resistant surface makes it easy to clean and prevent stains. Although many people have experienced linoleum floors and were not impressed, linoleum flooring has made significant improvements over the years. There is a wider assortment of variations to choose from that many people prefer over other options now.

Linoleum flooring for kitchen


Stone floors offer a premium look along with a highly durable surface. It is one of the most expensive flooring materials available but can make a big difference in the way a room looks. Stone flooring is best used in areas where you want to elevate the look and prevent moisture damage. Bathrooms are a common area for stone flooring, but you could also use it for the main areas of your home. Many people choose stone over other options because it has the highest chance of surviving longer than other materials. Many older houses have stone tiles that were installed when the house was built. If well maintained, you may never need to replace your stone floors.

Stone flooring is always best for bathrooms


Cork floors can be a popular choice if you have allergies since it is anti-allergenic. It’s also a sustainable choice because cork is made from the bark of a living tree. It provides some insulation and soundproofing qualities, which makes it a smart choice for a music room. It is also softer than other materials making it exceptional for play areas and kids’ rooms.

Kid friendly cork flooring


Tile, which is often made of ceramics, offers a wide palette of design options for you to customize your room. Tiles are temperature resistant and highly-durable against scratch damage. The ability to maintain a neutral temperature makes tile a good choice for areas that will receive a lot of sunlight. They will stay cool in the sun and warm if you run your air conditioner constantly. Tile Flooring is more difficult to install than other options since it is rigid and requires grouting. That grouting also requires continued cleaning and maintenance to look good over the long-term.


Vinyl flooring is the least likely to be damaged by moisture since vinyl is waterproof. You can use it in places where your floor is more than likely to get wet like a kitchen, bathroom, or hobby area. Vinyl is also durable so that it will be highly damage-resistant. The downside to vinyl is that it is not eco-friendly, and the designs tend to look man-made. Use vinyl when you need protection, especially from water, and in areas where the look of it will not be a center point of the room’s design.


Carpet is the best option for creating a room with intricate patterns and a soft feel. If well maintained, carpet flooring can last a long time. However, it will need to be replaced most often out of the flooring options since carpets inevitably hold dirt and are damaged by moisture. Carpet is best used in bedrooms in other areas where you won’t wear shoes often. Carpets are also a good option for accents and to protect other flooring options from harder objects like tables.


You may decide that it makes the most sense to use various types of flooring in different rooms in your home. It’s a practical approach that can give you the benefits of one type of floor where you need it most. For a price quote for flooring and installation, call Express Flooring today at 1 (800) 512-9037.

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