Cleaning and Caring Tips for Your Floor

Flooring is often referred to as a place of protection and safety, where your family and pets can stay in peace and harmony. Dreaming of a good home is not only an important element, but flooring is also an essential element as it influences the performance, appearance and health activities too. A perfect home with perfect flooring can be extreme comfort, quiet, spacious and beautiful. At the same time, proper cleaning is always required for your flooring to look new and fresh. Proper cleaning can make your home look great and preventing the damage to your flooring from the dust and dirt. Always care your floor with simple and easy steps to avoid scuffing and chipping by your cleaning.

Cleaning and Caring TipsHere you can see some friendly caring tips to keep your floors in sparkling condition-

Tip 1– Choose the right broom to sweep your rooms-

You may not realize that the broom you choose can either save your work or create more work for you. Proper tools can make your job easier, so always make sure to use an appropriate broom to sweep your floors. Some brooms come up with hard bristles and plastic bristles that can cause damage to your floors. But now- a- days you can get a soft cloth padded brooms in market that will entrap the dust or grime to pad and will not scratch your floors while sweeping. Using an incorrect type of broom can damage the surface of your floor while you perform floor cleaning.

Tip 2– Never use abrasive/ harsh cleaners on your tile flooring (Ceramic or Porcelain)-

Harsh or abrasive cleaners can scrape the surface of your tiles and make it more complicated for you to keep the tile clean. Once the tiles get scratched, the dirt will enter into the scratched areas easily creating a difficult task while you perform cleaning. Most of the stains will be removed by using a mixture of baking soda and peroxide without scratching the surface of the tile. You can also use mild cleaners to clean your tile flooring but make sure to follow the instructions on the label for an appropriate cleaning.

Tip 3– Do not treat laminate floor coverings like hardwood floors-

Laminate flooring can mimic traditional hardwood in look and the quality, providing an excellent performance. But when it comes to floor cleaning of laminate, it cannot hold up as much water as hard wood can. Laminate flooring cannot stand for a large amount of water for even a small amount of time. This is because the boards that composite laminate flooring absorbs water more swiftly and can damage your floors permanently.

Tip 4– Do not create wax build up-

When you have hardwood floors installed in your home there is always a need to apply wax occasionally in turn to keep them sleek and shiny. Simultaneously, removing old wax is very important before applying a new wax on your hardwood. If you apply a new coat without removing the old wax, this could result in forming a waxy build- up and making your floor look less attractive.

Tip 5– Always keep mats or throw rugs at your step or entryways-

Placing mats at your door step allows people to wipe of the dust from their foot or shoes before they enter your home. This could keep away from dirt trapping in, and less clean-up will be required on your floors.

Ultimately, using a right tool and a right cleaner is incredibly important to clean your floors. At the same time, cleaning your floor on a regular basis is also an important element to keep up your home. The appearance of your flooring readily gives you the utmost pleasure and contentment to your home.

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