Cleaning Carpet Stains – Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Carpet flooring is the best liked among all flooring materials as it gives a soft and warm feeling under the foot. It is favored and installed as home, offices or as restaurant flooring that offer a welcoming atmosphere. Cleaning carpet stains and maintaining carpet flooring is a very hectic task as regular vacuum cleaning has to be done to remove even the smallest particle of dust for a healthy environment.

Although these tips are important to remove stains and spots that happen during our daily chores or activities. However to maintain the radiance and brilliance of your cherished carpet it is recommended to get it professionally cleaned thoroughly by experts like Express Flooring at regular intervals of time. Visit our Carpet Cleaning Phoenix or Carpet Cleaning Tucson page for more information.

Tips To Clean Special Spots and Stains

  • Acid – Liquids with acid content in them like vinegar, lime juice, and drain cleaner need immediate attention. Adding water with baking soda or club soda will weaken the acid content. Make a solution with one part ammonia and ten parts of water to apply it to the area. Vacuum it gently after rinsing with cold water and drying.
  • Butter – Remove as much butter as possible and then clean the spilled area using a dry cleaning fluid.
  • Food stains – Wipe away as much spilled food like alcohol, coffee, chocolate, gravy, salad dressing and fruit as you can and clean it using a solution made of 1 teaspoon each of mild detergent and vinegar along with a quarter cup of water.
  • Red Wine – When red wine is spilled on your carpet it is recommended to dilute it using white wine and covers the area with table salt after cleaning. Vacuum up the salt after ten minutes.
  • Mud – Let the mud spot dry fully so that it can be brushed off easily. Make a solution with 1 teaspoon each of mild detergent and white vinegar along with a quarter cup of water and apply it to the area. Vacuum gently after the carpet is completely dry.

carpet-cleaningTips To Clean Carpet Flooring

  • Vacuum Clean your carpet at regular intervals of time, thoroughly to prevent soil or dirt build up in the carpet. Usually carpets get worn out because of the pile up of dirt in it.
  • Stains need to be attended to immediately. If there is a spill on your carpet, clean it immediately to avoid it from becoming a stubborn stain that is difficult to remove.
  • Never scrub your carpet as it is delicate material and scrubbing may result in its texture from getting damaged.
  • Carpets are made of different materials. So extra care and attention needs to be taken while cleaning them to ensure the beautiful texture lasts for ages.
  • Avoid digging or brushing a mark as it will ruin the texture of the carpet. Use a suitable tool like a device used for tendering the meat to remove stubborn stains or marks.
  • Avoid using excessive amounts of shampoos, detergents and other carpet cleaning detergents that will leave behind a residue. Never over drench a carpet as it creates problems like shrinkage, brownouts and adhesive issues.
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