Cleaning Equipment for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

It is very important to keep your home floors neat and clean as it is an essential part of preserving the beauty of your home. It needs extreme attention especially in high foot traffic areas. Carpet is one flooring material that is very difficult to maintain and clean. However hardwood and Laminate are much easier to maintain, and cleaning at regular intervals of time ensures the brilliant appearance of your flooring. It is sensible and ideal to invest in good flooring equipment that is suitable for your floor and helps reduce time and energy in your cleaning process.

Steam Cleaners for Carpets

Carpet is one flooring material that is very difficult to maintain and clean. Many floor cleaners available in the market are specially designed to clean carpets because of the complexity involved in preserving the carpet. Tiny particles of dirt and grime usually tend to stay trapped in the carpet fibers. The hot water extraction present in the steam cleaners ensures your carpet is perfectly clean and free from all kinds of bacteria. Express Flooring has leading edge truck fitted steam cleaners that are perfect to remove hidden dirt and grime from your precious carpet. We serve all over Arizona visit our Carpet Cleaning Phoenix or Carpet Cleaning Tucson page for more information.

Steam cleaning minimizes the use of detergent and other cleaning agents. It ensures your carpet is absolutely clean and free from bacteria and other germs that are not visible to the normal eye. Many homeowners who are aware of this try to keep dust particles from their carpet and call for professional cleaning companies. Steam cleaners are not only used for carpets by can also be used to remove tough stains like grease and oil from your garage.

Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaners

Hardwood and Laminate floors are not only traditional, exquisite to install but also easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning process includes simple steps of sweeping with a soft bristle broom and mop at regular intervals of time. Many cleaning agents are available in the market to clean your laminate or hardwood floor. However the best and natural cleaning agent for laminate flooring is water and vinegar.

A soft bristle broom or vacuum is ideal for your floor as prevents scratches on the surface. Hardwood floor ideally can be cleaned using water, unless it has stains or spots on it. However extra care needs to be taken when cleaning the surface of hardwood to prevent moisture formation, as moisture can damage the surface of hardwood. You can also take the help of our floor restoration services for your hardwood.

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