Cleaning Restaurant Floors for Slip Prevention

Restaurants are large areas with huge crowds and gatherings. To attract people the aesthetics, quality of food and maintenance of surrounding are round the clock work. Slips or slicks on the floor can seriously damage the impression on your restaurant. Thanks to strict laws, you don’t want to be paying your money for personal injury claims of your customers.

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To maintain clean restaurant flooring and avoid slip falls, it is very important to know the origin of spills, effective ways to clean those spills, and fastest way to dry the floors.

How The Restaurant Floors Become Slippery:

There are mainly two places that are prone to get slippery, restaurant dining area and the kitchen section.

restaurant flooring slip and fallDining Area:

  • Accidental droppings of food while serving to customers might leave your restaurant floor slippery.
  • Sticky substances left over, water retention during rainy seasons could cause the floor to be slippery.
  • Lack of visibility of certain substances and improper cleaning from cleaning staff could result in stagnation of contaminants in the floor.

Kitchen Section:

  • Kitchen is where you get maximum spills of oil and other food items.
  • Improper drainage system and material hanging on floors can cause slicks. 
  • Uneven floor surface, holes and sloppy ends can lead water stagnation and make your floor slippery.

Tips to Clean the Restaurant Floor to Avoid Slips & Falls

  • Regular checking and monitoring of the floor for any leaks or holes has to be done.
  • Climatic conditions, exposure to heavy moisture, ice formation should be cleared frequently.
  • Alkaline cleaners should be used to remove stains of grease and oil.
  • Microbial cleaners that are becoming popular now days can be used to remove hard stains of grease oil or foodstuff on the kitchen floors of restaurants.
  • A specific protocol must be planned to clean the flooring.
  • Maintenance of tools (vacuums, mops, brushes, buckets, squeegees) for regular cleaning should be always handy.
  • A special training for floor cleaning staff should be given to maintaining flooring in a good condition.
  • A certified expert in floor maintenance can be consulted for regular upkeep.
  • Anti-slip treatments over regular check can prevent restaurant floor slippery.
  • Using floor machines squeegees to drain excess liquids on the floor.
  • Using detergents, emulsifier soaps at potential areas could help overcome the slips on the floor.
  • Ceramic tiles and floors that use vinyl polish are much prone to get slippery. Hence should be monitored for dry finish as soon as it is cleaned.
  • Using detergent or inefficient cleaning agents that leave surface slippery.

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