Cleaning & Sealing Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are highly resistant to water and are used mostly in the wet areas. Porcelain tiles are available in glazed or unglazed with so many textures, colours, sizes and variety of finishes. Porcelain is usually considered as expensive flooring like any other flooring because of its durability, tougher than other tiles, high wear and strength. These tiles can withstand any temperature conditions and heavy surface traffic. Installing porcelain tile flooring to your bathroom and other moisture areas gives a beautiful look, apparently these porcelain tiles can be installed and cleaned by DIY without any expert’s hand. If you are not sure about the cleaning tips, contact the best cleaning services in Arizona.

Below are the few do’s and don’ts of cleaning and sealing Porcelain tile flooring:

Porcelain Tile Cleaning:

Porcelain Tile floor requires regular cleaning to protect them from dirt, dust, stains and etc. Cleaning porcelain tiles is very easy and requires less time to DIY without the use of experts. Maintaining and preventing the tiles before they get worse is always a better thing to do.

Common Cleaning tips:

  • Using the suitable cleaning products can make the floor clean and hygienic. Do not use harsh chemical products or abrasive products.
  • Make sure to dilute the cleaning chemicals before using them on the floor. Go through the manufacturer’s instructions before you proceed, diluting more is also not recommended.
  • Better use warm water to clean and make sure to change the water once it gets dirty when cleaning the surface. It is not good to use the same water for complete cleaning process.
  • Make sure to wipe with a dry sponge or with any towel/cloth after cleaning the floor, as this leaves the moisture.
  • Do not use any kinds of acids or bleaching products on the tiles, as these can damage the surface of the porcelain tiles.
  • Use walk-off mats at the entrance to make the porcelain tiles free from dirt, dust and soil from the everyday traffic
  • Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove the soil instead of cleaning them after collecting huge amount of dust.

Cleaning & Sealing - Porcelain TilesSealing Porcelain Tiles:

To protect the porcelain tiles and grouts, act immediately to protect them. Usually glazed porcelain tiles do not require sealing whereas an unglazed tile requires sealing to prevent from staining, discoloration and keep the tiles look better for many years. It is recommended that any newly laid flooring with polished porcelain tiles should be sealed immediately to prevent the tiles from any damage. If you are unsure about the sealing process, better talk to the professional tile suppliers for the best tile care.

Do not use the top sealing floor finishes for the porcelain tile floors, as they alter the appearance of the floor and leaves the below problems:

  • If the top sealing is not applied properly to a floor, it will affect the floor to look so hazy and can turn into foggy colour.
  • By applying multiple numbers of top sealing coats to the surface, it causes the discoloration of the surface.
  • Few sealers can peel off as spots, if the sealing is not properly done.
  • Top sealing requires lot of maintenance when compared to the maintenance required by the complete surface.
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