Commercial Concrete Flooring – Characteristics

When we think of flooring the image that crosses our mind is a lustrous floor with brilliant texture, magnificent designs and a pleasant finish. A hardwood, bamboo or stone flooring which way is your imagination running! Look for concrete floors as they are nowhere less than the other flooring types. Commercial concrete flooring is also ranked now as one of the preeminent commercial flooring types among the other options available in market. The benefits of commercial concrete floors are tremendous, that could be reason why installers and salesmen are promoting this product.

Commercial Concrete Flooring

Commercial areas like restaurants, supermarkets, shopping complexes, hotels, etc experience heavy foot traffic hence flooring must be hard enough to sustain for longer duration. Commercial floors need a routine cleaning and maintenance to keep them slip resistant. Concrete flooring in commercial areas has many benefits and could be worthy choice for homes too.

Characteristics of Commercial Concrete Flooring

Long-Lasting: Commercial concrete floors are resilient and highly sustainable. They can withstand heavy pressures on the surfaces without getting damaged. Areas like garages, ware houses generally prefer concrete flooring for their hardness. Polished concrete floors create a great impression to any interior with its grace. With the increasing benefits and easy maintenance, concrete flooring is been widely used in all most all the expanses. In restaurants, cafes, educational institutes, recreational zones, hotels etc., polished concrete floors are being used as they last for more than 100 years with very less repairs or maintenance.

Effortless Maintenance: Floor cleaning and maintenance especially in commercial areas require much physical effort. Restaurants, shopping malls and Supermarket flooring require regular round the clock maintenance. This is not possible with any other flooring options available in market as they tend to damage quickly under heavy pressure. The commercial grade concrete floors must be sealed and waxed for every 4-8 months or within fewer periods depending upon the traffic and areas where concrete floor has been installed.

Multipurpose: Commercial concrete flooring is very versatile. It can be covered with any floor surface when ever required, for renovating your interiors. Concrete floors generally become hard, with holes and bumps if not maintained properly. They are used as sub floors in many areas to strengthen the flooring.

Easy On the Pocket: The cost of polishing or installing the commercial concrete flooring is usually very less. This enables many customers to plan their flooring for commercial or residential purpose within their budget without compromising on the quality.

Graceful Designs: Now you need not worry about this aspect as the modern techniques have brought about copious colors and variety of designs enabling the interior of any expanse dazzle this concrete flooring look.

Few Shortcomings of Concrete Flooring:

  • Concrete floors are too hard any accidental fall may cause severe injuries.
  • If concrete floors are not sealed properly, chances of moisture accumulation is high compared to other commercial flooring options.
  • Concrete flooring is not foot friendly for people standing on it for longer duration.
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