Confused About Your Floor Tiles? Take A Few Tips!

Selecting the best and appropriate tile flooring for your floor can be quite tricky. In order to make the best of your investment, you need to make the right choice. So here are a few tips on how to go about selecting your tiles.

When it comes to the type of tile, tile stores usually have a good variety. You might want to consider the durability of the tile as a parameter. The ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles industry applies a grading scale known as a PEI scale which goes from 1 to 5 (1 is the least resistant and 5 being the most.) floor tiles are exposed to a lot more ‘wear and tear’. So for areas in your residence with light traffic, class 2 or more should do the job. But for areas with higher traffic such as the kitchen or entry ways a class 3 or higher should be good.

choosing tile flooringTypes of Tile Flooring:

Natural stone, as the name suggests, is natural and not made by us. Hence it has a standard rating system. However they are really strong and have been used from time immemorial, with a lot of ancient structures still holding up. You can choose a natural stone depending on your taste and requirement.

Travertine tiles have been used for many years in Italy and Turkey. It has a pitted, mottled texture and an even, light beige color. It can give your kitchen or bathroom an ancient roman look. A big advantage is that it is very easy to cut, shape and replace. However, it is more preferred on any vertical surface, like a backsplash, which will protect it against scratching and impacts.

Slate tiles, is a very dense but easily scratched stone. It has low porosity and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The ones that absorb higher are not suitable for outdoor areas, especially in the colder regions with snow.

Tiles are available in many sizes. There has been a recent swing toward larger tiles for floor and wall installations. The reason being, that larger tiles make a room appear spacious. Many floor tiles also come in multiple sizes, which allow the creation of interesting patterns.

There are a few rules to be followed when it comes to choosing the right color. Lighter colors make the space appear big. Darker colors add warmth and camouflage any faults or dirt. While some tiles may look the same with every piece being uniform, they will have slight color deviation to give the all round look more intensity and character.

Textured or lusterless finished tiles are less dicey than smooth and glossy tiles. This should be kept in mind while choosing tiles for floors, especially areas prone to getting wet like bathrooms or kitchens. Rustic or stone-looking tiles are totally in vogue because they blend with any interior and are excellent at hiding filth. Marbleized tiles tend to give a more ceremonial look.

There are an overwhelming number of options for your floor. But make sure you make a choice that you will satisfy your taste for a long time!

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